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Stephen Lendman: Israel nuclear industry all about making weapons

Israel's Dimona nuclear facility

Press TV has interviewed Stephen Lendman, an author and radio host from Chicago, to discuss Israeli nuclear whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu’s live appearance on Israeli television.

Following is a rough transcription.

Press TV: Stephen Lendman joins us now to offer us more insight on the comments made by Mordechai Vanunu.

Lendman: I find it very surprising that Israel let Vanunu go on national television. The condition of his release years ago was that he cannot leave Israel which he wanted to do, he cannot speak to any reporters and any transgression, as Israel would call it, would land him right back in prison again and solitary confinement, where he spent most or all of his time over the 18 years he was in prison.

So it really is quite surprising why Israel did this. I’m not certain what the reason was.

Press TV: How long will the issue of Israel’s nuclear arsenal, the activity of its nuclear facilities and its failure to sign the NPT be ignored by the international community?                                                   

Lendman: Well, I think it is pretty certain that for years the entire world knows that Israel is nuclear-armed and dangerous. So for Israel to continue the charade about non-disclosure, saying nothing at all except a little hint here and there every now and then up until Vanunu’s going on national television, again pretty astounding.

I mean it is pointless for Israel to hide what everybody know it has. So maybe this would be a signal and Israel will be a little more open on its program and of course Israel is making a major case out of wanting the Iranian nuclear inspections to go way beyond what should be done for any country and at the same time it refuses to allow any inspection of its own nuclear facilities which are many more than just Dimona.

Dimona is the well-known name but I believe there are dozens of facilities each operating in a nuclear system to service the Israeli nuclear industry which has got nothing to do with producing electricity, it is all about making weapons.   


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