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Bahrainis resolute in demands for Al Khalifa downfall: Pundit

Bahraini protestors shout slogans during a demonstration in the village of Jidhafs, west of Manama, on May 23, 2015. (© AFP)

Press TV has conducted an interview with Colin Cavell, former lecturer at the University of Bahrain from Bluefield, to get his take on Bahraini people’s mass rallies after Friday Prayers to call for the release of all political dissidents in the Manama regime’s custody.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: How likely will the Bahraini regime listen to calls by UN human rights experts to free Nabil Rajab and of course literally drop all of his charges?

Cavell: They have released him this time primarily because they rearrested the WAAD (National Democratic Action Society) leader Ibrahim Sharif on the 12 [July]. So what the regime is reacting to is increasing criticism from the United Nations and also from the US State Department. The State Department wants the Bahraini regime to appear to be dealing with human rights even though the whole world knows it is a repressive regime that just jails and tortures and kills its opponents. But this outside image has to be worked on, and so when they rearrested Ibrahim Sharif on the 12 [July], they had to do something. So they released Nabeel Rajab on the 14 [July] and they’re also continuing to arrest another al-Wefaq member Majid Milad and of course preventing Sheikh Ali Salman [from] talking to his lawyer. So, the regime is as repressive as ever. It is as corrupt as ever, and one should see through these mechanisms of the regime trying to deal with the criticism from the United Nations and from the US State Department.

Press TV: Of course, as we speak other people are continuing the demonstrations. But do you see any sign of change in how the people are managing their revolution, a new tactic perhaps, a new strategy perhaps?

Cavell: There have been some bombs that have blown up. I don’t know if the opposition will revert the arms struggle at some point, but right now they’re resolute in their opposition to the unelected monarchy. And they do want democracy; that is for certain. They’re not giving up on the fight, but the regime has arrested all of the leaders of all of the opposition, political societies or political parties. Political parties, as you know, are not allowed in Bahrain so they have to call them political societies. The people are determined to get rid of this unelected regime and establish a democracy to follow Iran’s lead, and have an elected government in the region. And they will determine on their own time schedule what tactics are necessary.

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