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US responsible for ISIL terrorism: Analyst

A woman lays flowers at the site of a shooting attack on the beach in front of the Riu Imperial Marhaba Hotel in Port el Kantaoui, on the outskirts of Sousse south of the capital Tunis, on June 27, 2015. (AFP Photo)

Press TV has conducted an interview with Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of Pan-African News Wire in Detroit, to discuss a deadly terrorist attack in the Tunisia’s coastal city of Sousse.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.


Press TV: When we look at the situation that happened in Tunisia, that happened in Kuwait, and possibly related to the situation in France, what is it going to take in order basically to get this genie back into the bottle because what has been let out is inflicting terror now in so many parts of the world?

Azikiwe: Well this new wave of so-called Jihadist, Islamic, extremist Takfiri groups really came out of the US foreign policy in Syria as well as Iraq. They utilized these organizations, forced them into an alliance in an effort to topple the government in Damascus.

This has not been successful over the last four years but they created a lot of death, a lot of destruction and it is spreading into Iraq, it has also spread into Libya, which was already unstable because of the war four years ago and now we see it in Tunisia as well. Of course it is designed to foster greater instability throughout the Middle East and North Africa and also provide a raison d'être for the Pentagon, the US-Africa Command and other CIA and intelligence forces under the guise they have to fight this terrorism which in fact they are responsible for creating. 

Press TV: It is ironic the point you have just made. You said the same terrorism that they have created and yet then the opposite is shown that this area is an area filled with extremists, filled with people who cannot live together, filled with people that are bloodthirsty when the roots are elsewhere, outside of the region.

What will it take though to actually show the truth of what is going on because there are so many people whether in your country in the United States or beyond that really believe for example in a terrorist entity like ISIL is representing Islam and we know that is the furthest thing from the truth?

Azikiwe: Well this is the goal as well in part to project this image onto Muslims all across the world and that also provides the intelligence services, the security networks for combating these elements to have a reason to continue to be funded by US taxpayers.  

Tunisia is heavily dependent upon tourism. Fifteen percent of its gross domestic product drives from the tourism industry so with this happening, this is going to drive the country even further into economic difficulties.


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