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US rhetoric against China, Russia can lead to WWIII: Analyst

"The American empire is beginning to crumble and weaken in the face of these emerging powers from the east, Russia and China,” Hagopian said.

The United States’ rhetoric and actions against China and Russia could potentially lead to the World War III, says a writer and investigative journalist from Arizona.

Joachim Hagopian made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Sunday when asked about US accusations against China that it is “unilaterally and coercively” pursuing territory in the South China Sea.

The accusations were made by US Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who compared China’s policy with that of Russia in eastern Ukraine.

"In both eastern Ukraine and the South China Sea, we’re witnessing efforts to unilaterally and coercively change the status quo; transgressions that the United States and our allies stand united against," Blinken said in a speech at the Center for a New American Security think tank on Friday.

Hagopian said, “It’s interesting that again America is criticizing China for being the aggressor when, in fact, the global policy of the United States empire has been to be the world aggressor and keeping every nation that poses any kind of competition at bay by either invading and occupying and having wars in those countries or by subterfuge of economic boycotts and sanctions. So you either bend over and take it by the brute of global bully, I would call America, or you get this kind of rhetoric that you’re the bad guy and you’re violating all these things that America regularly violates.”

Tensions between Washington and Beijing are growing over its island-building in the disputed waters of the South China Sea and over suspicions that Chinese-based hackers were behind a massive cyber attack against a federal government server that resulted in the theft of sensitive data from millions of US employees and contractors.

The rhetoric and actions from Washington and Moscow have also intensified in recent weeks amid the worst tensions since the Cold War, which both sides blame on each other.

The Pentagon has announced it is ready to store heavy military equipment in East Europe to counter “Russian aggression” in the wake of the crisis in Ukraine.

“America has been the bully for so long and now they’re realizing that China is becoming the number one global power economically ….the American empire is beginning to crumble and weaken in the face of these emerging powers from the east, Russia and China,” Hagopian said.

“It’s just rhetoric that could very well lead to world war both against Russia and China, that’s kind of where the rhetoric is leading,” he added.

“There is a long history of the United States of America being the global military aggressor, so a real fear and concern that all of us on this earth should have is that a World War III does not break out soon, but it’s kind of heading that way based on the rhetoric that we’re hearing particularly from the American government,” Hagopian concluded.


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