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US, Israel are world’s two leading terrorist organizations: Analyst

Fetzer said the United States is the creator of the ISIL and has been supporting the terrorist organization.

American political commentator James Fetzer believes that the United States and Israel are undoubtedly the world’s “two leading terrorist organizations.”

“There really can be no serious doubt that the United States and Israel are the two leading terrorist organizations in the world which is the reason why the Department of State has to make incoherent claims" like the one that accuses Iran of supporting terrorists, Fetzer told Press TV on Saturday.

Fetzer was pointing to the annual report by the Department of State, which was published  on Friday. The report does not mention Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey, which are widely believed to be the main supporters of terrorists in the Middle East. The US itself stands accused of financing and arming militants in the region.

“The United States created the ISIS (ISIL), the United States is sponsoring the ISIS, the United States has opposed the United Nations’ declaration that ISIS is a terrorist organization,” Fetzer said.

The largely unknown leader of the ISIL terrorist group, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, confirmed in the photo with Senator John McCain.


He also stated that “[Senator] John McCain [Chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Services] flew to Syria and was photographed with the leader of ISIS who is recognized as a Mossad agent.”

“The latest reports in fact have two high ranking advisers of ISIS, also Mossad agents being captured by American Special Forces in Iraq, which must have been inadvertence of the United States is supporting ISIS, which is widely known in Washington and it’s John McCain’s army,” he added.

“The United States is a great sponsor of terrorism as is Israel, which occurs repeatedly around the world. We should be supporting Syria and Iran and not attacking them or seeking to undermine them,” Fetzer noted.



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