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US 2011 chemical arms sales in breach of intl. laws: Analyst

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (©AFP)

Press TV has interviewed Mike Harris, editor with the Veterans Today from Ashland, to ask for his insight on revelations about US chemical and biological arms sales to a number of authoritarian Middle Eastern and African states during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state in early 2011.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: 66 million dollars worth of arms exports to countries who donated to the Clinton Foundation, now some may say that is bribery well masked, your thought?

Harris: It’s deeper than bribery. This if these allegations were proven true, these are treasonable offenses, and treason is punishable by hanging. If Mrs. Clinton is indeed guilty and involved or other members of the State Department are involved in this type of bribery/treason against the US and a clear violation against international laws, proliferating weapons of mass destruction, these people need to be brought to justice and I mean pronto. This would be something good the Justice Department of the Obama Administration could do. They help them clean house and get the corruption that is rampant in our government out of it.

Press TV: Could the US State Department be playing a more active role in curbing African and Middle East politics than Washington likes to project?

Harris: Absolutely, the State Department has been busy. All we have to do is look at the interference in Ukraine. Our State Department has spent five billion dollars there to install a new Bolshevik regime. The State Department is out of control and the American people need a purge of our government in order to remove these people who are committing acts of treason, that are not acting in the best interest of the American people or the United States as a country and as a culture.

Press TV: What’s the next step, does this go before the State or some kind of commission now to be heard?

Harris: Well, any time you have a congressional or senatorial investigation, it’s another excuse for a cover-up. The American people have lost faith in their government. It’s time for citizen panel grand juries to determine if these crimes have been committed. Like I said, any time the Senate or the Congress gets involved, it’s another excuse for a cover-up, we all know that.


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