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US drone operators kill for fun: Analyst

This file photo shows a US Predator drone while firing one of its missile.

Press TV has carried out an interview with Rodney Shakespeare, a political commentator, in London, to ask for his take on the drone attacks carried out by United States in different countries.

What follows is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Talk to us about this continued policy of targeted killings and unlawful drone strikes that the US conducts in many countries, in violation of their sovereignty?

Shakespeare: Thugs will always beat people up for fun and will kill them if they can get away with it and if they have the means to do it. It is the means to do it, which means that they end up behaving as Lord Acton once said, ‘Power tends to corrupt; absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.’

And at this moment, sitting in a aerodom, one of which is in Germany and others of which are in the USA, there are men, usually men, sitting there smoking as they realize they have the technology and they can beat up, or in this case kill, people who never know what is coming. They can beat up and kill people just for the fun of it.

That is now the position of the USA; it is totally out of control; it is killing people purely for the gratification of those drone operators in Germany and in the USA and that is why we are disgusted with the USA. Its drone program has no meaning whatsoever; they are slaughtering civilians for no reason at all, purely because they have got the technology; and believe you me, the world is waking up to it. They are disgusted with it. We are disgusted with the Americans and their drone program and we are disgusted with their support of the Saudis, who are doing the same thing with airplanes in Yemen; and we are disgusted with air support of Israel during this disobedience. It is still always the same thing; we have got the power, we have got the technology, so we are going to use it for the sheer fun.

Press TV: You mentioned the issue [that] they will keep on carrying out these attacks as long as they can get away with it. These attacks started back in 2008 and we have seen the insurmountable number of civilian casualties as a result of the drone campaigns. How long can they get away with it though?

Shakespeare: They will get away with it until the geopolitical forces in the world start to shift further and in a more strong way as they are beginning to do. To stop these Americans, we rely on public opinion and public opinion has been suppressed by the corruption of the Zionist-controlled mainstream media. We rely on Press TV, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, and Russia Today to bring up knowledge of these atrocious crimes. Because when ordinary decent people know what is happening, they will be disgusted; but in the moment they are being told ‘Oh yes! We are using these drones to kill these wicked ISIL, Taliban, or something,’ but it is of course nothing of this sort. It is really all being done for the gratification of the ghouls in Germany and America who are the American drone program operators.


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