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US convoy parades through 6 East European states

The US military convoy passes through Estonia as part of drills in Eastern Europe, March 21, 2015

A US military convoy composed of over 120 vehicles has set out on a parade through cities and towns of six former Moscow allies in Eastern Europe amid tensions with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine.

The march is part of the military exercise dubbed "Operation Dragoon Ride" which was launched on Saturday. 

The convoy, consisting mostly of armored personnel carriers, will pass through Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and the Czech Republic, ending its twelve-day tour in Germany on April 1. 

The broad-daylight-show aims to show off US and NATO forces' military presence in the region.

Security forces from the six European governments have offered to escort the convoy to fend off opposition as the US military convoy crosses the countries filled with people protesting the move.

Analysts say the military convoy will do nothing good other than cause traffic jams in the cities they are passing through and annoy locals with their unwarranted presence.

Other critics compare US military presence in the region to the Nazi’s expansionism, adding that Washington is instigating divisions among European societies with a plot to conquer the nations.

The US military parade in the six countries comes at the same time as exercises dubbed "Operation Atlantic Resolve" is underway in the three Baltic States and Poland. In the drills which were launched last April, US-led NATO forces' missile capabilities are being tested and forces are being prepared to expand into two new NATO countries, Romania and Bulgaria.

Russia has repeatedly accused the US of fueling unrest throughout the world by interfering in other countries, pursuing global hegemony and its expansionist policy.

Meanwhile, Moscow has ended its nationwide military exercises in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, the Arctic and the Far East. More than 80,000 Russian troops with over 10,000 military vehicles, 65 warships, 16 support vessels, 15 submarines and 200 jetfighters and helicopter gunships took part in the maneuvers.


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