US seeking to ‘split Europe away from Russia’: Bruce Gagnon

The US is seeking to “split Europe away from Russia” in order to send its fracked gas to the continent.

The United States is seeking to split Europe away from Russia in order to send its fracked gas to the continent instead of Russian natural gas, a political commentator says.

“The US wants to split Europe away from Russia, further isolating Russia. They want to stop Russian natural gas shipments into Europe… and they want to replace this with US fracked gas,” Bruce Gagnon from Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space told Press TV on Friday.

However, he added the Europeans are not willing to end their business with Russia and they are not satisfied with sanctions imposed against Moscow by the United States over the Ukraine crisis.

“European businesses are suffering from the sanctions on Russia and they’re putting a lot of pressure on their governments to end this American war against Russia and Ukraine,” Gagnon said.

The analyst also noted that the US can have access to resources in and near Russia with balkanization of the country and breaking the country into smaller parts.

“The US wants regime change in Moscow and there is a reason for that and the primary reason I believe is because number one: Russia has the world’s largest supplies of natural gas and significant supplies of oil and by now we should all know that the Pentagon’s number one job is to be the resource extraction service for corporate globalization,” he explained.

Russia has been targeted by a series of sanctions imposed by the United States and European Union for allegations that Moscow is arming and supporting pro-Russian forces fighting in eastern Ukraine. The Kremlin, however, calls the accusation "groundless.”


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