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Nearly 100 jailed in France for defending terrorism speech

Nearly 100 jailed in France for defending terrorism speech

Ramin Mazaheri
Press TV, Paris

Concerned citizens in Paris gathered to discuss a climate of war and Islamophobia that has smothered France since the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

A nation known for inspiring romantics now has more than 10,000 machine-gun toting soldiers stationed on its streets, at a total cost of nearly €1 billion euro. The government recently announced the anti-terror alert system will remain at an ‘attack’ level for several months in Paris and elsewhere. It seems that anti-terror hysteria is not going anywhere.

For Muslims, the attacks simply turned a bad situation into an even worse one.

The ongoing “witch hunts” for so-called “supporting terrorism speech” have not slowed.

According to figures given to Press TV by the Justice Ministry, there have been 298 police cases opened. The mentally ill, alcoholics, children and homeless people have been documented among them. Of those 298 cases there have already been 132 convictions, as 59% of defendants have been fast-tracked through the judicial process. In total, 93 prison sentences have been handed out.

Clearly the government is not slowing down its counter-reaction to the attacks, but the longer it lasts the more damage will need to be repaired.

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