War, only language Israel understands

Heavy smoke billows following an Israeli military strike in Gaza City on July 29, 2014. ©AFP

Israeli atrocity and imposed misery continues unchecked in Gaza. This summer’s wholesale slaughter did nothing to improve the lives of Palestinians. In Gaza, it’s much worse.

As explored in last week’s  Press TV article, an examination of the list of crimes committed against the Gaza population, just since the advent of this New Year, shows clearly six obvious conclusions. 1) Horrific Israeli aggression against Gazans continues daily, 2) Israel has no intention of honoring the terms of the August, 2014 ceasefire agreement, 3) At the peace table, neither Israel, Egypt, nor the Palestinian Authority, is actually pursuing peace for Gaza, 4) Politicians across the globe continue to submit to Israeli pressure, not to their conscience, 5) Gazans are, this moment, suffering terribly and, 6) The world, comprised of something better: a sense of justice, a sense of right and wrong, one with actual morals, guts and true courage, has had enough of Israel’s excuses for embracing and promoting pure evil.

All these details lead ultimately to the two most important conclusions; by necessity Hamas is back; stronger than ever and, because all these first six have been deliberately and maliciously perpetrated by Israel: there will be war, again, in Gaza!

A bully such as Israel, filled only with the artificial bluster of unjustified, free stocks of US weapons and unfettered US support, understands only one message, a bare knuckled punch to the head, shocking the bully to his own single, shocking awakening: his opponent is now willing to fight back!

The bully, once defeated, rarely comes back for more.

A recent working example of this simple socio-military principle exploded only weeks ago. After an Israeli helicopter gun-ship massacred six Hezbollah fighters, including two of their commanders and an Iranian general, in the Golan Heights on Jan. 18, 2015, everyone knew that Hezbollah, as the only army to defeat (in the 2006 Lebanon war) the Israeli military, was certainly going to get even.

Indeed. On Jan. 28, Hezbollah scored a crushing victory while sending Israel an effective message in the only language this world-wide bully truly understands: Israeli army body bags, including that of a high ranking general.

In a single demonstrative act of revenge, Hezbollah fighters attacked, from their side of the Lebanon border, an Israeli military convoy destroying it and killing or injuring its passengers which included senior officials. The damage inflicted by Hezbollah was actually worse.

The Israeli Mossad-linked, DEBKA files, in a blistering commentary, summed up the disastrous the Israeli military’s security failure as merely threefold, stating, “One: [Hezbollah] agents were able to cross the border unnoticed; Two: they moved anti-tank rocket launchers right up to the border fence - undetected. And, three, astonishingly, they did not find it hard to strike and blow up the two command vehicles and inflict Israeli losses.” However, DebkaFiles left out the two, far more important conclusions: all the Hezbollah fighters disappeared unscathed, sight unseen, after taking pictures of their victory and, somehow, Hezbollah obtained detailed inside information about the arrival of the convoy and that it carried senior battalion commander major Yuhay Klinger, who was killed.

This means the worst of all results: Hezbollah sympathizers inside the Israeli military. Israelis with a  conscience.

Following their victory, Hezbollah sent to the Israelis, via UN channels another equally simple message, this one on paper, meant to say, “enough is enough! Or else?” Israel, suddenly awakened, apparently did understand both of Hezbollah’s messages. Considering the pure statistics of the previous Lebanon war that left Israeli bodies and gutted, burned-out US military hardware all over northern Lebanon, Israel has shown repeatedly that its foreign policy of terror is indeed, as described by US Secretary of State John Kerry “chickenshit.”

As proof: to date, Israel has, again, left Hezbollah alone.

This example of success was also understood in Gaza where Gazans die daily from malnutrition, dehydration and hypothermia as they suffer through a bitterly cold winter huddled in the remains of Israeli created concrete rubble that once were their 90,000 homes.

On Thursday Jan. 22, invisible Hamas supreme commander Mohammad Deif sent a personal letter of condolence to Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. A recent article in Press TV showcased Deif, his tactics, his successes, and why Mohammad Deif is Gaza personified. Acknowledging Hezbollah’s intent and message, Deif suggested unity between Hamas and Hezbollah while apprising his mentor, “[The] duty of all the living resistance forces, which reject the slavery to the Zionist project, [need] to be united together in one project against... the Zionist enemy and its collaborators. It is either a jihad, victory, or martyrdom.” Any living Gazan would agree.

Now, any Gazan “yearning to be free...” is joining Hamas.

On Sunday, Feb 1, 2015, University students from the Gaza Strip decided to throw symbolic diplomas into the sea in protest against the jointly enforced Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza. One protestor said he had “lost confidence in the humanity of the world and its human rights councils.”


A senior UN official has expressed concern over the possibility of the start of a new conflict by the Israeli regime against the besieged Gaza Strip. “Right now, things are not going well, and we’re very concerned about the possibility of a further conflict,” James Rawley, the United Nations’ humanitarian chief for the Palestinian territories, said at a press conference in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Thursday Feb 12.

Palestinian Finance Minister Shukri Bishara said on Wednesday that Israel’s freeze on Palestinian tax revenue was costing the Palestinian Authority seventy percent of its budget, a toll he said could not be sustained by any economy in the world.

So, Israel has offered all of Gaza only two choices: suffer, or die. Predictably, Gazans have decided on their own alternative: resistance.

Hamas has been operating training camps almost daily. Relations with Hezbollah are strong and senior Hamas leadership has been cultivating stronger relations with Iran, whose President Hassan Rouhani, after a meeting last month said, “We believe that the root cause of problems in the region is the usurping occupation of Palestinian territories.”

Hamas recruitment is at the highest levels ever. Recently, Hamas began offering training for Gazan males aged 14-21. Of course, response to this call-to-order was dramatic. With many schools being used to shelter the displaced, and unemployment standing at forty-five percent, it was not difficult to attract youngsters to join the camps. “The Israelis killed my niece last summer. Now I want to kill them,” said a young recruit to Ma’an News Agency.


Hamas has reportedly trained over 17,000 young Gaza resistance fighters in the past five months to augment over ten thousand new adult recruits. The first garrison will likely be the Gaza seaport which Hamas has vowed to open. Reportedly, Hamas has previously offered training sessions to young Gazans for years, but the recent week-long camps were far more serious. Run for the first time by militants from the Qassam Brigades, there were no “fun” sessions.” They were trained intensively in “using light and heavy weaponry and were taught how to ambush, so they can lead the next battle for liberation,” the Brigades said on its website.

Predictably, human rights groups are accusing Hamas of exploiting children for political purposes.”We are not disputing the right of an occupied people to resist, but it must be done by adults, not children,” one human rights activist told AFP news service, speaking on condition of anonymity. Really? Well, you can grow up pretty damn quick when an Israeli tank shell turns your family into cement compost. “The camps are making young people aggressive instead of educating them and teaching them to abide by the law,” the activist continued to whine, reserving any comment on Israel’s lack of adherence to law. He added, “But the priority today should be to take care of their social and physical well-being.” Sure. Who, in the world, is going to provide this for Gazans? Only one challenger, the people’s army of Gaza: Hamas.

The dramatic increase in Hamas recruitment is, of course, not surprising since, literally, every single recruit knows at the least one Gazan killed by Israeli atrocity. For many it was a niece, maybe a cousin, a little brother, their mother or father, their wife, their grandparents, other family members. Some saw their entire families disappear forever, the instant the Israeli military deliberately turned their homes into piles of metal re-bar and concrete dust. A man will never forget such injustice. A man; picks up a gun.

Hamas has made it clear that they are training “resistance fighters.” Their purpose, as has always been the mission of Hamas, is purely defensive.

“The Western media accuse Hamas of militarizing society with their training camps, but what has the West done to stop the enemy from carrying out its crimes?” senior Hamas official Bassem Naim said.”What have we gained from 20 years of futile negotiations?”

Indeed. The day Israel abides by any treaty, honors any international law, or respects any of the true tenants of humanity and human decency, will be the day Gaza finally has a real chance for peace.

Hamas, during this summer’s war, showed that it was the only side that respected innocent civilian lives. Israel killed thousands of innocent Gazans in deliberately targeted killings, yet Hamas, despite crossing the Gazan border and inflicting heavy losses on their soldiers in Israel, did not at any time attack civilian Israelis in retaliation for the slaughter continuing on the other side of the wall. It is little wonder that Hamas waves the white hat to a civilized world; attracting thousands of those who still believe in a proper definition of humanity and freedom.

Here, the chance to stop the next episode of destruction and killing in Gaza lays open and obvious for all the world to see. Proponents of humanity have had all we can take of Israeli excuses for war crimes. We are sick of the lack of prosecution and of the Israeli controlled media trying to cover-up their endemic sociopathic behavior. As evidence, this week more than seven hundred international artists have announced a cultural boycott of Israel over what they call, the inhuman actions of Tel Aviv against the Palestinian people. Additionally, the Israeli military formally dismissed 43 members (ten officers and 33 soldiers) from the elite intelligence 8200 unit. In September, they wrote an open letter protesting the 2014 military operation in Gaza Strip, stating that they all, “refused to take part in actions against Palestinians and refuse to continue serving as tools in deepening the military control over the occupied territories.”

An example for this world to follow.

But Israeli actions clearly show that Hamas must follow another example, the one set last month by Hezbollah: it must blacken the bully’s eye so that forever Israel leaves Gaza alone and finally allows it to flourish. To the antiquated mind-set of Zion that would have the world collectively live and/or die by only Israel’s sword, it is not surprising that this bully only understands one single language. The language of war.

This must stop now. Israel is again forcing war upon Hamas. Only this world can stop it before it begins. How many more times will we allow Israel to destroy the lives and future of Gaza? When will enough of us realize our own understanding of another historic message, and stop this?

“From the language of war, comes the true meaning of peace.”

It is time. What, world, say you now?

Je suis Gaza? Je suis Hamas?


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