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Black schools created to make African Americans ‘subservient’

Howard University Middle School students protesting

Historically black schools and universities in the US were designed to turn African Americans “subservient” to whites and develop “self-hatred” among them, a report by Press TV illustrates.

Despite making up more than 12 percent of the US population and making significant contributions to the American society, the black community has remained widely marginalized.

There's been a recent flare-up of racial tensions in the US, following the killing of several African Americans by white police officers who were not indicted.

A middle school in Washington, DC is now at the center of a fresh racial controversy, over a decision to fire teachers who incorporated parts of African American history into the curriculum.

On Monday, students at the Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science (MS)² along with their parents, held protests after three teachers were reportedly fired for adding black history to their social studies.

At least 100 students held demonstrations outside the school to protest the actions taken by the school administration, including Principal Angelicque Blackmon.

The majority of students at the school are African Americans. The protest has gone viral on social networking sites.

“You have institutional black-on-black self-hatred within these black colleges and universities that were created to make blacks subservient to white people,” said Randy Short, a historian and researcher in Washington, DC.

“These schools weren’t created to develop African Americans to seek freedom, self-determination and enlightenment, so what happened at (MS)² is of no surprise to me,” Short told Press TV on Tuesday.


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