The Rules of Engagement

The route to Al-Khalil, like 80 percent of the total highway system in the West Bank, is forbidden to Palestinians. Built on private Palestinian land, these highways bisect through villages, dividing families and boxing Palestinians into enclaves. Al-Khalil (also known as Hebron) is the ground zero for the illegal Israeli settler movement, radical Zionism and violence. Settlers are free to kill and terrorize Palestinians. Arrests and detainments have become a powerful mechanism that the Zionist regime uses to force the population into submission. In Press TV’s “Rules of Engagement,” we see an unusual look through the eyes of Israeli soldiers that have broken their silence. They will tell about the crimes they committed on behalf of the Zionist regime. Our camera travels to different parts of the Occupied Palestine, including Al-Khalil, al-Quds, Beit Fajjar etc. to know more about this movement that is rising among the Israeli soldiers. Former soldiers and officers that helped to keep the occupation of Palestine alive are met.
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