Silent Killer

Situated in a remote area in the Negev Desert, south of Israel, lies a mysterious complex away from the public eye which employs thousands of people all sworn to secrecy. When its existence was discovered, Israel said, “It is a textile factory,” never admitting its true purpose, i.e., making plutonium for atomic bombs. This secret Israeli’s hiding established since the 1960s is Dimona nuclear plant. In Press TV’s “Silent Killer,” we see how the secret Dimona nuclear plant was created and developed under Shimon Perez, misleading American authorities at the time regarding the peaceful purposes and uses of the complex. Xanthe Hall, an international disarmament campaigner, reveals that Israel Atomic Energy Commission, one of the most secret institutions in the world, is responsible for Dimona. Mahmoud Saadeh, a Palestinian doctor, struggles to keep Dimona victims alive. He tells us how they noticed very strange diseases appearing around the area; the diseases were all related to the radioactivity.

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SOUNDBITE [English] Interviewer: “Let’s talk about Dimona...Many people say...well, nobody knows...”

SOUNDBITE [English] Sharon Dolev, Founding Director Israeli Disarmament Movement: “You see, you said Dimona and I blushed? We are not supposed to talk about Dimona. But go ahead...”

SOUNDBITE [English] Interviewer: “Why?”

SOUNDBITE [English] Sharon Dolev,Founding Director Israeli Disarmament Movement: “Because it’s a taboo, it’s a taboo, it’s a secret.”

Narration: We need answers and we go to meet one of the few people in Israel that knows what is going on inside Dimona..

SOUNDBITE [English] Sharon Dolev,Founding Director Israeli Disarmament Movement: We are dealing with disarmament of weapons of mass destruction, meaning nuclear, chemical and biological, we are the only NGO dealing with this in Israel. When you believe that these are the weapons that keep you safe, when this is the common believe, than the question to rise is are we the next country to use them? Israel is a nuclear armed state, a chemical armed state, a biological armed state.

A nuclear weapon is not a weapon that aims to destroy an army, is a weapon that destroys a city. Are we aiming to destroy any city in the Middle East? Mothers, children, fathers, citizens, not soldiers...”

Narration:We want to know more about the most secretive nuclear program in the world, Is the Israeli nuclear plant of Dimona poisoning and treating the lives of millions throughout the Middle East?From Telavive we go south our destination: Dimona.

SOUNDBITE [English] Voice of a woman inside the car:Is too far, you know? Can you get closer, please?”

Narration: Approaching the Nuclear Plant is a high risk, The highway splices through the heat and sand of the Negev desert, A barbed-wire fence edges the road. Signs posted every few hundred meters warn drivers not to stop their vehicles under any circumstances!

SOUNDBITE [English] Voice of a woman inside the car:They have cameras, they will see us...”

Narration: This is a military zone ...

SOUNDBITE [English] Voice of a woman inside the car: “Please don't go off the road, they will shoot, military zone, no photography.”

Narration: Finally we can have a distant look at one of the world's most secret facilities, An exclusive view of a secret Israel is hiding since the 1960's: Dimona Nuclear Plant...

SOUNDBITE [English] Voice of a man inside the car: That's the gate, to go inside

SOUNDBITE [English] Voice of a woman inside the car: This is the gate to Dimona?

Narration:Only a few people in the world can say they know each corner of Dimona nuclear plant And all of them are sworn to secrecy, But there is someone that knows exactly how the building looks like.

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INTERVIEW [English] Dan Eytan, Architect: There was a secret competition to design the civic center of the new atomic research center in Dimona, in the South part of Israel.

For security reasons we could not call it a big center of research and we called it a civic center in the Negev.

- Yes, because they said it was a textile factory.

- In the 60's it wasn't such a big news to have a textile factory in Dimona. So, if you were building something large in Dimona you could easily say it was a textile factory. Only this textile factory had a dome. (laughs)

It wasn't typical for a textile factory but it wasn't seen from the road. It was a kind of agreed quite secret. I have the photographs while the project was being built, not when it was occupied.

At that time the security was not that strong so I took those photographs.

Later, several years later I got photos from an unknown source but with the stamp of the censorship.

So, I understood that someone from the site sent me those photos. It was taken there. It was a sign that I can open my portfolio and make it public.

This is the courtyard of the main building, from the other side, towards the entrance. The entrance is here and this is looking from the other side, this is the same building. This is a detail of the stairs leading to the roof, there is a roof cover as you can see here, you can go to the roof undercover.

-For how many years you kept these photos in secret?

- 60!

- Have you been inside?

- I haven't seen my own project since then. I couldn't go in for all these years.”

Narration: When President Kennedy took office he knew from a CIA secret report that Israel was developing a nuclear program in the Negev At the beginning of January 1961 Kennedy met the Israeli ambassador in Washington and expressed that the USA wanted to inspect Dimona to be sure about its purposes Israel accepted but under one condition: if it was done on a secret basis, For 5 months the visit of the American inspectors to Dimona nuclear plant was postponed several times by Israel. Finally, an ultimatum from USA was accepted, Two American scientists were allowed to visit Dimona in May 1961 Israel imposed several rules on archive Dimona nuclear plant the American Inspectors: they were not allowed to take any pictures or issue any comments about Dimona. When the inspectors finally entered the plant they were misled. They were shown a fake control room on the ground floor.12th of January 1961, the aim of the building built in the Negev was clear: in a high level meeting between President Eisenhower and his staff the US secretary of defense informs the President, that based on intelligence findings Israel was lying and Dimona was not for peaceful purposes, they were unaware of the six floors below where the plutonium was made.

In search of answers we travel to Berlin, in Germany Here we are going to meet Xanthe Hall

She is an expert in nuclear weapons, and the director of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear war Xanthe Hall is also the coordinator of the European Parliament Commission against nuclear proliferation.

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SOUNDBITE [English] Xanthe Hall, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear war: “Israel Atomic Commission is one of the most secret institutions in the world. It is responsible for Dimona and its chairman is Netanyahu but i tis not even officially recognized as existing.

All the other nuclear plants in the world are monitored by the AEA but not the ones in Israel so, it’s time that Dimona was also monitored. The one thing that needs to happen is that an independent body like AEA go into Dimona and find out what is going on there, what is the state of the substances of the building, which is the containment of the nuclear reactors, is it still intact, how is the cooler, where is the nuclear waste being stored and how. All these questions need to be answered. We need some transparency.”

Narration: Israel has not ratified the Non­ proliferation Treaty, way of avoiding inspections to its nuclear site

SOUNDBITE [English] Sharon Dolev, Founding Director Israeli Disarmament Movement:

“-Why do you think international community behaves with Israel in this special way?-First of all, we are not obliged, we are not part of the treaties, and we never signed it. We never said we won’t. Second thing is the US and the third is the Holocaust.

- How?

-Guilt! Do you see Germany, they sold us the submarines. The US, they let us steal Uranium.

You go to the UN, to the NPT, the Non-Proliferation Treaty and you hear the US delegation reading their statements and when they talk about Israel you see paragraphs you know from the language were written by Israelis

- So, Israel has a special treatment?

-Yes, we are a special case!”

Narration: Yossi Melman is known as an investigative journalist, specialized in intelligence and

Strategic affairs He was described by Wikileaks as an information mule who has exchanged tips with the Mossad But in 2009 Merman uncovered a terrible secret about Dimona

Workers at the nuclear reactor facility were made to volunteer to drink Uranium in 1998 as part of an experiment.

SOUNDBITE [English] Sharon Dolev, Founding Director Israeli Disarmament Movement:

“Workers themselves, they cannot say anything. They have so many things in their contracts saying they can’t say anything. The question is the family so, in order the family to get compensation they will sign saying they will not sue, they will not say, speak to the media. We know only we have settlement, when the court says they were given some money but we don’t know how much or how many or in which conditions. Their doctors are only the ones that work with the commission.”

SOUNDBITE [English] Xanthe Hall, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear war: “And if you have a reactor which is only making energy, like its main goal, like Fukushima, you have possibilities of an accident also but if you add to that Uranium enriched, plutonium reprocessed and you make the warheads than you have many more possibilities. Rather there have been accidents there, there have been rumors and speculation that in 1966 there was an accident in Dimona but nobody knows what is happening in the plant and it has more secrecy than we had in Soviet Union because quickly after the Chernobyl accident it was said that an accident happened so, I think is more better to compare in its level of secrecy with North Korea because we know nothing about their program either. We do know they have one and at least North Korea claims that they have nuclear weapons but Israel is pretending that it doesn’t. So, I am not trying to say that one is worst or better but that there are more possibilities of an accident so the risk is higher.”

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Narration: Our next stop in search of answers about the Israeli nuclear program and its secrets is a Palestinian village. Dahriya, very close to Dimona and a military field where Israel might be burying nuclear waste from Dimona,Dahriya, very close to Dimona and a military field where Israel might be burying nuclear waste from Dimona.

SOUNDBITE [English]Mahmoud Saadeh, Doctor: “We noticed very strange diseases appearing around so we decided to investigate what was going on. Most of the cases appeared in the south.

At first we didn't relate it with radioactivity as we didn't even know what that was.

We did special medical checkups in different regions in the south and we found out that these diseases were related with the radioactivity. This element, the Cesium, is not present in nature. Its presence is at level zero in nature and can only be found in areas where there are leaks or nuclear tests.”

Narration: Cesium is not present in nature and can only be found in areas where a nuclear disaster or test takes place.

SOUNDBITE [English] Xanthe Hall, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear war: We know how Cesium works on the body because Fukushima have shown us how it works. Actually it affects health and there are claims and there is a study that Cesium was found in the region. Cesium is an indication that something is happening related with nuclear activity, most likely, would be, depending on the amount of it, could be from a nuclear accident or could be from leaked nuclear waste.”

Narration: In some areas of Palestine, the presence of Cesium is at the same levels as in Chernobyl or Fukushima, places where the worst nuclear accidents took place.

SOUNDBITE [English] Xanthe Hall, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear war: “It's a radioactive isotope and it acts like Potassium or salt, is water soluble so it can spread very quickly through the body and tends to concentrate in muscle tissues and we also have muscles in some organs like heart and stomach and intestines so that's where usually caesium ends up. At that point it stars to mutate within those muscles and you end up with cancer of colon, of the stomach, of the lungs and it can lead to heart disruption.”

SOUNDBITE [English]Mahmoud Saadeh, Doctor: “The illness becomes visible with hair loss, sterility, different cancers like brain cancer, eye cancer, cervical cancer, liver, blood, bone cancer...

These diseases are a direct result of the nuclear waste from the Dimona plant that is being dumped in the West Bank.

For them we are not more than a dump. For Israel we are not more than a scientific experiment.”

SOUNDBITE [English] Sharon Dolev, Founding Director Israeli Disarmament Movement:

“There are many rumors about where they bury the nuclear waste. But mine and not only my estimations are that all the material are buried in the areas surrounding the reactor and the reason is that this materials are a secret, they don't want people to go and take land samples or with a Geiger.”

Narration: The Giger counter is an electronic device that measures the level of radioactivity

These devices are allowed for use everywhere in the world It is sold everywhere, even online But not in Israel. Despite claiming to be democratic, Israelis cannot buy a Geiger counter inside Israel.

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SOUNDBITE [English] Xanthe Hall, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear war: One of the main problems that we have, and it goes back to the secrecy problem, is that we can’t even measure the amount of radiation in the area because that's not allowed and the Israeli law, even says that if you take Geiger counter into the area around Dimona and measure the level of radioactivity you can be sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Nobody is gonna do that! I know people that though to do it but they didn't and is certainly very risky to do any research on it and that's why the number one problem is the secrecy.”

SOUNDBITE [English] Sharon Dolev, Founding Director Israeli Disarmament Movement:

“What is the security of Israel and why is the security of Israel is so different from the security of the people that live in Israel. We hear rumors about buildings where the level of cancer cases is unbelievable. And when we asked doctors we also didn't get any answers and we were only said that we cannot relate the number of cases with Dimona because we have many people coming from Chernobyl, from Kiev and that changed the numbers. That was one answer we got. Of course this is not a serious answer…”

SOUNDBITE [English] Mahmoud Saadeh, Doctor: “Before 1987 I had several Jewish friends coming to me and having food with us. We had a normal human relationship with them. When we ask someone about a relative or a friend and they say that he died from cancer we ask how did it happen? Usually there is no answer to that question.”

SOUNDBITE [English] Sharon Dolev, Founding Director Israeli Disarmament Movement:

“People in Dimona are not rich, most of them. If they were rich people they wouldn't leave next to a reactor, I guess, they wouldn’t depend on this reactor for their live hood. A few years ago they all got Idiom pills that were very old Idiom pills and that’s it. And they are not asking, and that’s the problem. They are more afraid to talk than from the radiation.”

SOUNDBITE [English]Mahmoud Saadeh, Doctor: “Among the Jewish settlers, living near Dimona there are also many cases of cancer but I am challenging them, to be brave enough and speak out and say what is going on. But they know that if they do so they will lose the 70.000 shekels the government gives to them.”

Narration: But there are more cases around Palestine, in a small village, lost in Al-Khalil Hills.

There are other victims. One of them has already died His son fears the consequences of telling his father's story And only accepts to talk if we protect his identity.

SOUNDBITE [English]Protected Identity witness: “My father was working at Dimona's reactor before he got sick. He was involved in some underground construction work. He was taken by a car with tinted windows and completely closed so he could not see the way it took. He never wore protective clothing or any other protection, like the Israelis. Even the person that brought him food every day was wearing protective clothing, he was completely covered. He worked in Dimona for around three months. Just a short time after finishing his job there he

started to feel symptoms of the disease. He couldn't breathe and suffered from all the symptoms. He died in 2006 at 46 years old of age.”

Narration: The medical report from a Jordanian hospital is clear. This former Dimona employee suffered from cancer Officially nobody claims that Dimona is the cause But this and many other cases come from the same region.

SOUNDBITE [English]Protected Identity witness: “There are different cases in the same village like kids who die before the age of 10 and women aged around 50 years oldEvery day there are new cases of people that get the disease in the villages around Dimona reactor The huge number of cases started to come out when Dimona was already working.”

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Narration: Israeli nuclear program is surrounded by a novel Atmosphere. This man is Arnon Milchan a famous Hollywood producer, behind films like Pretty Woman, Club of Fighters or L.A Confidential. He was also good friends with Shimon Peres and Benjamim Netanyhau...

Recently he revealed his double life ...during all these years he worked as a Mossad agent,helping Israel to buy technology needed to make nuclearweapons...

Under a Hollywood producer cover he was actually a kind of Godfather of Israel's nuclearProgram.

SOUNDBITE [English]Jewish Settler inside courthouse: Traitor! Traitor!”

But there is no story like that of Mordechai Vanunu's, The world was stunned when the Sunday Times published Vanunu's story and photos, exposing for the first time The Secrets of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal in October 1986.But Israeli intelligence found Mordechai Vanunu ...and they waited for the right moment to strike .They sent a woman agent to seduce Mordechai Vanunu in London and convince him to travel with her to Rome Vanunu was vulnerable and afraid and fell for Mossad's honey trap.When the article was published on Oct 5th 1986 Vanunu had vanished. His kidnap - an illegal act on foreign soil - was kept secret. Later, when Vanunu appeared for a secret court session in Jerusalem Al-Quds, he found a way to reveal what had happened to him since he left London: writing on his hand "Vanunu M. was hijacked in Rome". Vanunu's trial was held in secret. He was found guilty of treason and espionage and sentenced to eighteen years in jail. eleven of them in solitary confinement.

The woman that seduced Vanunu was Cheryl Ben-Tov ...after she completed her mission she disappeared back into her secret world.

Today she lives back in Orlando, USA, with her husband and two daughters, running a real estate business...

Vanunu's revelations confirmed suspicions and showed weapons programmed bigger and more advanced than anyone had previously thought.

Mordechai Vanunu was released in 2004...But he is not a free man. Jsraeli borders are now his prison. His passport was confiscated and he cannot contact foreigners...

SOUNDBITE [English] Mordechai Vanunu: “This Jewish State have other atomic weapons, have hydrogen bomb, atomic weapons, neutron bomb, they are not able to say they have the bomb, they are not able to destroy anyone, they are not able to use the bomb. Instead they arrest Vanunu Mordechai.”

Narration: What we are going to see now is something that has never been shown in a non-Israeli TV channel A 3D tour inside the Israeli bomb factory, recreated thanks to the photos taken by Mordechai Vanunu. This is institute N°1, Dimona's symbol, the only building seen from far away. A 20 meters high nuclear reactor dome

In 1986 Vanunu took us inside a heavy water reactor built in the 50's with France and Norway's help with a capacity of 24 MW. Thanks to Vanunu we learned that this reactor capacity is 3, or possibly even 5 times larger than assumed. This reactor produces 40 KG of plutonium a year, enough to build 10 to 12 atomic bombs... Adjacent to the reactor is institute No.3.Here, the fuel rods powering the reactor are produced Together with lithium 6, another ingredient of the bomb.This is institute No. 5, here the fuel rods are coated with the aluminum.

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Narration: Institute No. 6 is the power station of the compound. The lab is in institute No. 8 and inside is another secret revealed by Mordechai Vanunu: this is where Israel produces enriched Uranium Like plutonium it can serve as fissionable material for the bomb The uranium is produced through gas centrifuges. Enriched uranium is also produced in institute n° 9 using laser, a unique Israeli patent. Institute n° 10 produces the depleted uranium, an important component in the production of armour piercing shells. Institute n° 4 handles the radiation waste, prior to it being disposed. And this long two story building, with no windows, is Dimona's biggest secret, Institute n° 2 beneath the two innocent looking floors, hidden underground are six additional floors. It was Vanunu who showed the world what no satellite could see Here Israel set up a plutonium separation facility With one goal, the manufacturing of atomic bombs. In the 60's, American inspectors visited the first floor. They saw the restaurants and the offices. A special wall was constructed, hiding the elevators leading to the underground levels. Back outside. Trucks bring in the processed uranium rods. Through the large doors, a crane grasps the rods and lowers them to the big workspace, 4 floors below. The rods are dipped in nitrous acid tanks, cooked for about 30 hours, and then a system of pipes draws the water containing the uranium and plutonium. Through a chemical process, the materials are separated and then baked in an oven, producing a small 130-gram plutonium ball, 1.7 kg a week.4 kg and it's a bomb. Just like this model shot by Vanunu. The process can be viewed from level 2. A balcony was built for distinguished guests. Nicknamed, Golda's balcony And that's the control room as shot by Vanunu. Only 150 employees are authorized to enter it. Visits are limited to the prime minister, the minister of military affairs and a small group of confidants. Equipped with a hidden camera, Vanunu walked about Institute N° 2 and took pictures of the different sections .Not only plutonium is produced here.

At level 4 Vanunu revealed the production of tritium used in the production of thermo nuclear bombs, which are more powerful than ordinary atom bombs. Two other essential materials for the bomb are produced here: lithium and deuterium. All these ingredients are taken to level 5, to unit MD2, the metal department, where they are assembled into a bomb.

One level down is a recreation room, where Vanunu shot what experts identified as a model of an Israeli thermo nuclear bomb, 10 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

Experts that analyzed Vanunu's testimony determined that by the 80's Israel had produced 100 to 200 atomic bombs. This ranks Israel as the 6th or even 5th nuclear power in the world.

-Welcome to Queen Aliya, airport in Amman.

From Amman we travel to southern Jordan High cancer rates were recorded in all the southern Jordanian governorates, which confirmed the possible direction of nuclear dust that might be leaking from Dimona...

The tips we received claim that in Jordan there are hundreds of cases of cancer and other

diseases...all of them in the regions near the border with Israel From Tafilah to Dimona it is

around 30 Kms. And winds or water knows no borders.

In almost every house in this region we can find the same story: diseases and death Dimona is a word that everybody knows around here but in Jordan, like in Israel, Dimona and its deadly consequences are a taboo Saleh is a tour guide and For years he is trying to uncover

what is happening to the people around the Tafilah region.

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SOUNDBITE [Arabic]Saleh Arfou Activist: “I think there are a lot of factors that can contribute, like the Dimona reactor. People know the reactor is affecting the population of Tafilah but, officially the government never talks about it. This is a taboo, something that is kept a secret. No official, no media, no politician, nobody talks about it. Officially nobody answers the question. Is it true or not, is Dimona affecting us or not?

We have a duty to protect the future generations from Dimona, from death. It’s a shame, having this old reactor working in Israel and killing our people, generation after generation.”

Narration: Our next stop is in Tafilah... here the average manifestation of cancer is higher than the other Jordanian governorates and surrounding Arab countries.

We are going to visit the governor's office, where we are going to meet the mayor and the governor of the region. It's a surprise what we are going to hear.

SOUNDBITE [English] Tafilah Governor's voice off the camera: “I know nothing about Dimona or nuclear or anything related with these issues.

I am sick of being questioned about it. I thought you came here with your cameras to talk about tourism in Tafilah.

-I never said we will come here to talk about tourism. I told you we want to talk about Dimona.

- My friend, this is not true. But, tell me, what do you want to ask?

-Is he afraid to talk?

-I told him we want to talk about this issue and know he is saying e doesnt want to talk about this so, let’s go to simple questions...

-Gazi al Amerin invites us to me

-There are people claiming that Dimona nuclear plant is affecting people here, in this side of the border, and in Tafilah area. What can you say about this?”

SOUNDBITE [Arabic]Hakim Hamid Tafilah Governor: “Lady, I am not aware of this issue. I can assure you that Tafilah region is not contaminated. We have a peace treaty with Israel and both sides are committed to respect it. I have nothing more to say about...”

Narration: During our visit to the governor's office there was a Jordanian journalist present him far away from the official offices and tells us the result of years trying to investigate how Dimona can be a silent killer.

SOUNDBITE [Arabic]Ghazi al Ameeren, Jordanian Journalist“Dimona nuclear plant is located in the south of Israel.

There was a leakage of radioactive material in Dimona and it was even mentioned by some Israeli officials. In the 80's the rate of deaths from cancer in the south of Jordan was about 2%.In the 90's that number rose to 30% in Tafilah and the surrounding areas. In Jordan, the media is not allowed to talk about it. We should demand precise and real radioactivity measurement in Southern Jordan.

We understand that the Jordanian government us not responsible for the leakage and we want to believe that Israel is not doing it intentionally. Obviously, we don’t want to die from cancer and we need this issue to be seriously researched and technology to do it, to know the real dimension f the problem and the reasons behind the rising numbers of deaths from cancer that is now at 30%.”

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Narration: People around Tafilah region are dying from cancer in high numbers... The doctors link the cases to Dimona contamination. But, officially nobody can say it, not even the ones that are dying.

SOUNDBITE [Arabic]Ayman, Cancer Patient: “It started with a tumor of around 2 cm and in a short period of time it grew to 17 cm. Doctors told me it was very strange case of cancer and they were not able to identify its causes. It destroyed my life. I spend my days from one hospital to another. I always feel tired. If what you want to know is it there are more cases in the area I can tell you yes, there are a lot of cases.”

Narration: Dana is an amazing natural treasure in Jordan, too close to Dimona, Bassem Saudi Was born here, in this land, a step away from Dimona Nuclear plant… He knows that his people are dying silently and wants answers that never come is Dimona nuclear plant poising its Arab neighbors?

SOUNDBITE [Arabic]Bassem Saudi, Tafilha Resident: “We are in Dana Nature Reserve.

It is the biggest nature reserve in Jordan with an area of 300 square Kilometers. Here we can find 838 different plant species and more than 216 types of birds. The different altitudes in relation to the sea level has created four different microclimates. This place concentrates all the microclimates we can find in the Middle East.”

Narration: While we were filming with Bassem Saudi some guards of the Dana natural reserve approach us. They want to break their silence they also have a story to tell about how Dimona is killing their families.

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Dana Nature Reserve Guard Sot “About 60% of the diseases here are related to cancer.

Breathing problems, everything comes from the Dimona reactor that is destroying our land.

-Are there cases in your family?

-Yes. I have just buried my 8-month- old son. He had brain problems, breathing problems, heart problems.

The same happened with my other son. So far, I have buried 6 of my children.

-Did you look for medical help?

-Dana Nature Reserve Guard Yes i did. The las tone I took him to hospital where doctors found he was suffering from Leukemia.

-Do you think that there are other cases similar to yours?

-I can tell you that more than 60% of the population suffers from cancer.

-And what do you think, it has relation with Dimona reactor?

-Yes it does. Dimona reactor is the cause. And if you want to confirm it, we can go to the local council and check it. We can ask there or go from one house to another.

-OK. Thank you so much. Dana Nature Reserve Guard You are very welcome.”

Narration: We are back in Palestine... To visit some villages south of Al- Khalil ...very close to the Negev desert and Dimona, here the cancer rates are growing in alarming numbers The causes are not more than rumors: nuclear radioactive leakage from Dimona and nuclear waste dumps in the area or even bothWe try to find a clear answer to these rumours in Berlin, with Xanthe Hall

SOUNDBITE [English] Xanthe Hall, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear war:“200 cubic meters a year are produced in Dimona and is running for more than 40 years. We can estimate about 8 thousand cubic meters of waste, radioactive waste as the bottom line and have been produced.”

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SOUNDBITE [English] Xanthe Hall, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear war:So, try to imagine if you want a picture, around 50 thousand standard barrels of oil would be 8 thousand cubic meters war.

We also don’t know where they are burying this waste, they say is not far from the reactor and the main problem we are looking at is which is the state of these steel containers after corrosion, are they leaking into the ground, into the water sources, how do we see pollution of the environment therefore of people’s health. I don’t know exactly the geography of the area but probably the area is chock so is not a good area to be deposing any kind of waste and they saw that with this toxic waste because there were leakages and serious health problems we discovered so, i would imagine I would be similar in the areas around Dimona because is not far away.

And also if it is leaking into the water sources or not because once it gets into the water than it goes much further into other areas and there will be people drinking that water quite far away.

So, than we will be talking, basically, there would be cancers later on, Leukemia, and particularly the children would be badly affected because children and women are more susceptible to radiation and the effects on them are much greater than on grown men

I would say that those are the ones we have found in the studies we have done around nuclear installations. The main problem are children with cancer and in the areas surrounding plutonium re- processing plants like Sales field in the UK, the main problem was Leukemia.”

Narration: The radioactivity has a tremendous power that can penetrate the human gene, affecting generation after generation. Jamal is a Palestinian policeman He was arrested after the second Intifada and spent 13 years in jail now he is free but living a new hell: his daughter has cancer….

SOUNDBITE [Arabic] Jamal Qaysyah Father of Cancer Victim: “-Which disease does she has?

Leukemia. She has Leukemia, blood cancer.”

Narration: At the age of nine she was diagnosed with Leukaemia, Nothing in the medical report says this Palestinian girl is a direct victim of Dimona, But she comes from an area that counts 70% of cancer cases among the Palestinian population.

SOUNDBITE [Arabic]Jamal Qatsyah Cancer Victim: “My name is Jamal Qatsyah I am 14 years old and I am in the 8th grade. One day I woke up in the morning and I could not walk.

My legs were hurting. I told my mother and she took me to hospital. They gave me some medicine.

After that I was taken to a hospital in Al Khalil but they couldn't find what was going on with me.

So, I was sent to a hospital in Jerusalem, Al Quds and there they found the disease.

I hope Dimona will disappear forever and lets us live our lives.I blame Dimona.”

Narration: Israel is, probably the 6th or even 5th nuclear power in the world, while others should open the doors of their nuclear programs for inspections...

Israel is a special case, producing nuclear weapons since the 60's without any control meanwhile the cancer cases and other diseases are spreading across Israel, Palestine and neighboring Arab countries...The victims die without knowing what or who is killing them.

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