Iran: Women and the Islamic Revolution

The Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979 under the leadership of Imam Khomeini created a great change in the Iranian society. For centuries women had led a traditional role as mothers and housewives. During the reign of the Pahlavi Regime modernity had been superficially imported to the country but not much had fundamentally changed. Though women were exposed and preoccupied by the new way of life they had little influence in the society. This all changed in with the Revolution. The movement rose from the soul of the masses, the soul of the ordinary men and women, and just as the men entered the arena, so too did the women. Many believe that women played a greater part in the movement that led to the Islamic Revolution than the men; they made more effort. For when women take action, it spurs the men on, it doubles their strength or even bolsters it ten-fold, because men cannot simply stand by and watch as the women take action. During the struggle to overthrow the Shah women who were now concerned with the destiny of their people and country fought with the regime shoulder-to-shoulder with men. Women whose previous situation was quite different, underwent a transformation in the course of the Revolution. Women now stood up to the regime, they voiced their ideas, participated in rallies, and became social activists. And along side men they were arrested, tortured and even martyred for their cause. This documentary looks into the issue of women in the Islamic Revolution of Iran.
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