Here without Me

The emerging terrorist Takfiri group, ISIL or Daesh as it is called in Arabic has been invading and devastating towns and villages in Iraq and Syria. This documentary tells the story of Izadi Kurds in Sinjar who have been attacked by Daesh. Through intimate interviews this documentary depicts the horrific crimes that Daesh terrorists are committing. These displaced civilians speak of men, women and children killed in cold blood. They relate the case of elderly men and women blown up as they sought refuge in a temple and Izadi girls and young women taken away to be sold.

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SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “God willing, your sisters also will be released and we will be reunited again.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “They said, “Get out of your homes.” Then they opened fire on our homes. They separated me and Mayan from other women and young girls.They killed men and robbed us of all our possessions; cell phones, watches, jewelry, money, and even our children’s laptops.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Man, Refugee: “It was 3 am when ISIL entered Tal Azar. The Yazidis fought against them for hours. They resisted up to the crack of dawn. Then, they started to leave the city and took refuge in the mountains. Many lost their lives because they did not have cars and lagged behind. Many lost their lives and many lost their girls.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “Then, they held their guns to girls and women’ heads and forced them into their cars and took them away. What could I do?!”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Man, Refugee: “They killed and took two brothers of mine, four nephews, their daughters, my daughter-in-law and cousins in front of our eyes. They took away twenty six people. With those three children, they took away twenty six people altogether from my uncle’s family and mine.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “My sister-in-law said it was our turn to be killed after the men. My child was kissing me all the time saying, “They kill us. I want to kiss you for the last time.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Young girl, Refugee: “I kissed my mother’s face because that moment I felt we’d all be killed. An ISIL militant told me, “Go to the girls’ side.” They separated me from my mother. I escaped and went among women and hugged my mother. I said I wouldn’t leave her, “If you take me away, take away my mother as well!””

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Young girl, Refugee: “They separated us as children from the rest; they killed my uncles and took my aunts and sisters away.”

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SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Young girl, Refugee: “We were asleep in the morning when our daughter-in-law came up and said she’d heard shootings outside the city. We got up to escape. We didn’t have time to even wash our faces. In the street, they arrested a man, attached a bomb to him and exploded him. They forced my uncle into a house and his little son hid behind him. They shot dead my uncle and his son. They fired continuously as they were standing in a line. They killed my uncle. We went to give water to my uncle and wash his face. He couldn’t move. He was dead. Then, they took his sister and wife. The child thought he’d be safe if he hid behind his father’s back. When the militants wanted to shoot at them, he raised his hand and begged, “Don’t kill us!””

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “We left their bodies over there without burying them. We were out of time. Now, nine months have passed since that time and we haven’t been able to return there as ISIL are there. Their bodies have been certainly eaten by dogs by now. Since they took away my daughter-in-law, my son has been under severe pressure. They had been married for only five-odd months, less than a year. It has been nine months since they took her away and we have no information about her since then.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “Many of our girls taken away committed suicide in toilets by cutting their veins because they wanted to get rid of that situation at any price.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Young girl, Refugee: “They had taken away our daughter-in-law to Tal Afar. Someone informed us that she had cut her neck and killed herself. That person said her neck was stitched later but blood kept oozing from the cut. Yes, she had really cut her neck. The person who had seen her photo said us how she killed herself.”

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SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “Our sister-in-law’s mother is missing her daughter so much. She has cried so much that has lost her vision. She shed tears and waited so much that she lost her eyes and went blind.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Young girl, Refugee: “My aunt and female cousins were set free and taken to Germany, but our daughter-in-law and other female cousins - one of them is just 14-are still in ISIL’s captivity.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “My sister was 14 when she was kidnapped. A German donator gave dad $15,000 and he gave it to them to set her free.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “For seven days, we were surrounded in the mountains; the children were lying on the ground like the dead; in fact, they were starving to death.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Man, Refugee: “ISIL raided us. Our village is called Ramusi. It is located before Shingal, and they had to cross our village before reaching Shingal. ISIL had closed the main road. That’s why we had to make a detour to the mountains. I arrived late as I had gone to work. I was a security guard. When I arrived, no one was there. My family had gone to the mountains, I went after them. We were in the mountains for eight days. We had nothing to eat. I had four children to whom I gave four pieces of bread per day so that they could survive. We elders didn’t eat anything saying “leave it for these children”. Many children died. As you can see, this photo shows my child’s passed out in my hand. He couldn’t stand it anymore and got unconscious. My other child said he couldn’t walk and asked me to hug him. I was stuck. Then, helps came in and they gave us water and helped us get on big trucks. I couldn’t even bend my legs to get on the truck so they helped me. God knows I had no energy left. I always remember that moment. After they took us to Dahuk, a local took us to his shop and gave us food and beverage. We spent the night in his shop. We’ll never forget his favor.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “Old women and men who could not climb the mountains went to the temple, and they thougth it was safe to stay inside the temple. Daesh found and exploded the temple with dynamite at midnight and killed everybody there.”

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SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “I saw on TV myself that through airdrops with US flag on them they sent weapons to Daesh, I saw it myself. If they didn’t arm ISIL, the group would never be able to make our lives hell. This is why ISIL do not run out of arms.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Man, Refugee: “Daesh militants are armed by Saudi Arabia, which purchases arms and weapons from all over the world. I ask God to give them a taste of their own medicine. I pray that they go through what we did.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi young boy, Refugee: “The Izadi Kurds were fighting against ISIL in the streets and it lasted for ten minutes. We had hidden ourselves and bullets were passing us close by. Then, Daesh (ISIL) militants came towards us and took one of the people hiding with us. I looked out from the window and saw them beheading him. After the event, we were in the mountains for nine days. We were in terrible conditions, no water and no food. Water was given to us using helicopters but many people died. ISIL militants do not follow any religion. They say they are Muslims, but they are not.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi young girl, Refugee: “The Izadi Kurds were innocent people; they had never blasted a place, nor killed someone, nor raped someone’s girl, nor done anything criminal. They were living their own lives when ISIL came and destroyed their lives.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “In front of men’s eyes, they loaded girls and women in their cars and took them away. We were never hostile to anyone but they kept attacking us. Every week, one bomb goes off, without us doing any crimes or having shown any hostility towards anyone. They take Yazidi girls and women to the bazaar and put them up for auction. Our girls and women have been in ISIL’s captivity for nine months. They’ve sent my cousin’s picture from Raqqah and demanded money, but we cannot set her free as we have no money. We have been oppressed. My cousin is 14 years old. She has been taken away. She has neither father nor brother, but just this old mother and several sisters. We have no information about her. We’ve become victims of violent crimes done by ISIL and I can talk about them forever and I will never forget them.”

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SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “We were innocent and will not forget them till Judgment Day. They must be punished for their crimes. From dawn to dusk, they take our girls to bazaars in Sinjar, Tal Afar and Mosul. What crime have the girls committed? They killed our men. What did they want to do with our girls now? What has a 14-year-old girl done that she should be tortured this way? We haven’t had a single comfortable sleep for eight months. What should I do? Which government should I seek refuge in? Sometimes it strikes me to go to ISIL and find my daughters and take them back. Their father is not alive, nor is their brother. There is no one to do something for them. Two of my daughters are in their hands. They’re 14 and 15 years old. They sell them to each other for $500, $1000, and $2000. There is no one to help them; their father is not alive to go after them. They have no one. I wish I had been taken away instead of my daughters.”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “O’ God! Save our Women and girls from the Clutches of these Infidels”

SOUNDBITE [Kurdish] Unknown Izadi Woman, Refugee: “O Lord! Save my daughters! You are Supreme Being! Rid us of this terrorist group!”

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