Omar Suleiman: Dead or Killed?

For many Egyptians, Omar Suleiman was a symbol of evil incarnate. For twenty years he was the head of Egypt’s General Intelligence Service, aka the mukhabarat. Under him, arbitrary detention and torture became commonplace as deterrents to dissent. He was the contact man for the USA and Israel. As Mubarak fell, Suleiman escaped not only prosecution but investigation, to re-emerge as a would-be presidential candidate. So his death in a Cleveland clinic seemed a strange anticlimax. Western newspapers saw nothing strange in his death. Doctors spoke of a rare medical condition and regime officials told reporters he’d had heart problems for several years. In Egypt, however, it is believed by many people that he was murdered. Some western political analysts such as Fareed Zakaria also believe that CIA was behind his death.

Reporter The system In the last few minutes has been concerned about Egyptian intelligence, that Omar Suleiman, he has died.

Narrator: Death might be a continuation of life, an aphorism once said by an ancient Arab poet, which proved to be true in today’s life. Death is at many times considered an end but in the case of Omar Suleiman it’s a start. He led his life entrenched in higher castles of silence, after death those castles are prone to be permeated, his death propounded many questions of where, how, and why. Ambiguity was the general’s best lifelong friend, but their relationship ended after death, due to many heard voices that do not prefer obscurity to accompany the general’s corps to the grave. After a year of his death we still live in a large bore of questions here, and they’re investigating the death of the Middle East the most influential spy chief, in a moment of time we decided to take the adventure and challenge the time, it is normal for human life to end by death, but why do not the majority consider the death of Omar Suleiman was natural.

Mohamed El Baz – Author of Poisonous Scorpion: When you hear the news of the death of someone like Omar Suleiman, this is what you think: he spent all these years in the intelligence system. It was strong. It is considered the first intelligence in the Arab region. The first thing that comes to mind is that this man was killed. Particularly since he was in the US; the US, which had abandoned the Mubarak regime, after in fact, a period of conflicts. Omar Suleiman was part of it. I mean after the death threats said to have been received by Muslim Brotherhood. Jihadists tried to chase him. The parliament tried to exclude is from the politics by an act. They issued that act specifically to isolate him. He indicated or accused the Muslim Brotherhood of certain things. The Muslim Brotherhood is not the only one who wanted Omar Suleiman to disappear from the scene. I mean Omar Suleiman left Al-Ittihadiya Palace on February 12. He had met with the President. I think it was the interest of all players in the Egyptian arena that this man disappeared. There were no follow-ups on his health. And suddenly the death of Omar Suleiman was announced. So the first thing that came to people’s mind was that this man had been killed.

Narrator: Was the political dispute surrounding Omar Suleiman’s life the main derive for many to believe the man was assassinated? Or are there other reasons. The first thread in the journey of deciphering this vagueness up here during the funeral of the general, many of his close friends were chocked by his death, confirming his assassination and outrightly spoke of the interweave of interest of many parties to suck his blood. The statement of Mustafa Bakry during the funeral raised many questions like “is this accusation built on evidence that he solely possesses as a closer fellow of Omar Suleiman?”, or is it an emotional judgment resulted from the cruel scene of the funeral?

Mustafa Bakri – Journalist: In the framework and the context of what Omar Suleiman meant to others and being a target of others, people wonder and say Omar Suleiman might have been killed. But I asked one of the people in the Nile Valley Hospital if Omar Suleiman died of a natural death, he answered in the limits of what I know may be true, but all options are open.

Narrator: Why did some people want to get rid of the general?

Mustafa Bakri – Journalist: Getting rid of Omar Suleiman meant opening the way to power others, and his exclusion from political sphere, as he was the main rival to others who wanted to have the power in this country.

Narrator: Here we can see a link between Mustafa Bakry’s statements and exclaims in the funeral . Here you accuse the Muslim brotherhood of slaughtering Omar Suleiman?

Mustafa Bakri – Journalist: Did I say that? I told you that there were different parties. Not true. It is not true to say that. It is not right that one says this. No one accepts to say this. I’m not sure who killed him or what happened.

Narrator: Why do you insist to give hints, you are barely pointing the fingers on the Muslim brotherhood.

Mustafa Bakry just hints, but these hints point the finger of acquisitions. Toward the Muslim brotherhood, the group organized by Hassan Al Banna in 1928 and survived all the political changes to be over the top of political Islam movements, and later carried its presidential candidate to the Egyptian presidential palace after 25 January revolution, there was no stumbling block in the way of the Muslim brotherhood aspiration except Omar Suleiman, but why was the general the barrier in front of the aspirations of the group.

Mohamed El Baz – Author of Poisonous Scorpion: When Omar Suleiman said he intended to open the black box, what he meant was unclear.

Hossam Khairallah – Ex-Intelligence Officer: Omar Suleiman announced his threat to reveal the secrets in the black box. This threat caused unease for the Muslim Brotherhood, because Omar Suleiman had such vast knowledge of them. Note that he was the head of the general intelligence on March 6, 1991.

Mohamed El Baz – Author of Poisonous Scorpion: I don’t think the black box meant the intelligence operations, but the Islamic movements have exploited this as an attempt to discredit Omar Suleiman. What I want to say will surprise people. Omar Suleiman was not an enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood – quite the contrary – he was a friend of the Muslim Brotherhood groups and had a good political relationship with them.

Hossam Khairallah – Ex-Intelligence Officer: His threat of using the black box was an attempt to disarm them. He wanted to send them a clear warning that he knows a lot about them and their secrets.

Mohamed El Baz – Author of Poisonous Scorpion: From the first moment Omar Suleiman announced his candidacy for the presidential election, the Muslim Brotherhood decided to make him look like the devil. They used his statement, in truth, so to speak, to destroy him politically. Their goal was to mobilise the Islamic movement against him. The Muslim Brotherhood knows exactly how they cooperated with Omar Suleiman, when they met with him and who they asked to meet with him. There is a very famous incident where Haikal, the great writer, was asked by Abdel Moneim Fotouh and Essam El-Erian to arrange for them to meet with Omar Suleiman. Omar Suleiman wanted to tell the facts. I advised him to so. There was an agreement between us to record a television series but fate was against us on that. But he told me he would reveal a lot of these facts in the diaries he intended to write.

Narrator: The big amount of turmoil wrapping what once said that general’s black box deep in the confusion around the relationship between Omar Suleiman and the Muslim brotherhood, after threats of declaring his black box a war of statement erupted between him and the Muslim brotherhood, this confusion supports Bakry’s opinion on the Muslim brotherhood connivance in this murder, after these accusations we sought to reach out to a Muslim brotherhood voice to reveal the group stands, we were surprised by their total refusal to handle such issue .

Montasser Al-Zayat – Lawyer: I do not think, personally. It is impossible that the Muslim Brotherhood killed or threatened Omar Suleiman. This is not their way. What echoed by Mr. Mustafa Bakri is because he is an adversary of the Muslim brotherhood. And thus he is working to inflict all defects to the Muslim Brotherhood. As he had no information. I can’t think that Omar Suleiman had secrets that would make the Muslim Brotherhood initiate to threaten him, fearing that he will uncover their hidden secrets. I don’t think that this in itself could be a motivation against Omar Suleiman. This is a political dispute, from my point of view.

Narrator: Statements of Bakry and Al zaiat were very much conflicting, Bakry has outspoken in his accusations to the Muslim Brotherhood but Al zaiat sidelines this probability, and describes it to Bakry’s antagonism to the group, here the crucial question is -after Al Zaiat’s confirmation on the case of enmity between the Muslim brotherhood and General Suleiman- Can this case lead to involvement in a liquidation? , refusal of the group to deny such an outright accusation double the doubts around their involvement, but in this case of no evidence we just have to put this possibility aside, and press on the heart of the issue we’re investigating … Who has an interest in slaughtering the general?.

Montasser Al-Zayat – Lawyer: I tend to propose at this moment that the reason for the death of General Omar Suleiman is that he was a part of an international intelligence group in Syria. He was discussing how to deal the Muslim Brotherhood. Considering that the Muslim Brotherhood was in a revolution against the regime of Bashar Al-Assad. When he supported Bashar Al-Assad he opposed the Muslim Brotherhood. Narrator: This means that you confirm the Muslim brotherhood involvement in murdering Omar Suleiman?

: Montasser Al-Zayat – Lawyer So I finished my talk. I’m sorry. That’s all I had to say.

Narrator: Syria, another possible theater for indicting the Muslim Brotherhood in Suleiman’s Blood, Faisal Al-Kasim threw the first stone in this aspect by tweeting whether Omar Suleiman was murdered in the booming of Damascus security operations room or not, Haitham Al-Maleh’s confirmation of that possibility led to the question, Is this based on evidence?.

Haitham Al-Maleh – Syrian Democracy Activist: I am like you; I heard this topic in the news. When I asked, some things were said. I was not with them in Syria. I don’t have details. For me, the main thing that the crisis cell was targeted. It is a big thing for me. Who was targeted? I’ve heard at the time that General Omar Suleiman was am, ong the victims. I do not have more information than this.

Narrator: Our interview with Haitham Al-Maleh was a surprise, Al-Maleh told us that his assessment of Suleiman’s murder in Syria is based on some sayings from inside Syria, at the same time and on the front pages of Saudi newspaper Al-Youm, The boomer of Damascus security operations room denied the existence of Omar Suleiman there, this approach was supported after a few days by the free Syrian army’s leader, in a statement to Algerian newspaper Al-Khabar newspaper and re-endorsed later by the political consultant of the free Syrian army in a statement to Anadolu agency. Here the question should be who is behind the leaking of Suleiman’s death in Syria, Who is the beneficiaries?

Mohamed El Baz – Author of Poisonous Scorpion: We have more than a conception of those who are behind the rumor of Omar Suleiman’s death in Syria. Free Army said the Syrian troops are behind the rumor of Omar Suleiman’s death in Syria to cover up the success of the operation. The Muslim Brotherhood as Haitham Al-Maleh here or those from Syria, who promote the presence of Omar Suleiman in Syria, continue this process to tarnish the reputation of Omar Suleiman until the end.

Koert Debeuf | European Union Parliament I have many many contacts on the ground in Syria; I mean… we didn’t know what happened exactly to Maher al Asad, so many people they were saying this and this and information from Russia, it was there, and activist there… I never heard anything about Omar Suleiman, not because one guy is saying this suddenly, I’ve never hared of it from the ground, I was following this very closely, so again I have no information at all that can confirm this.

Narrator: We have almost decided to roll out the possibility of the general’s death in Syria, after no material evidence found but the confirmation of such possibility by a senior Intelligence personality carries us to the heart of such circle of doubt again.

Mahmoud Zaher – Ex-Intelligence Officer: There are the various alliances. There is a complex alliance between Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. This is a very difficult thing for Israel which can’t be tolerated and therefore it is the same for the United States and its allies. Something that can’t be acceptable . Then the alliance, which is important for us as nationalist Arab security that consists of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt. Then there is another alliance which consists of some Gulf States, and then Turkey joins this alliance by its very special US-Israeli relations. To bring back its influence in the Middle East, the Arab and Muslim world and Africa through Egypt. This has a long interpretation. Omar Suleiman was in Syria trying to put an end politically to make a balance between these alliances and the nationalist Arab alliances. This was against the interests of Turkey, Israel or the Muslim Brotherhood and there by the destruction and killing happened from inside Syria and from inside the intelligence headquarter. Narrator: Why did Omar Suleiman go for such a life gamble there? Mahmoud Zaher – Ex-Intelligence Officer: The answer is definite. The one who deals with these sovereign agencies, especially in Egypt, continues to work with them until the last moment of his life.

Narrator: Based upon his deep indulgence in the secret service, General Mahmoud Zaher believes the termination of Omar Suleiman’s life an intelligence operation, here we might reconsider what Montasser Al-zaiat said before.

Montasser Al-Zayat – Lawyer: I tend to believe in what Haitham Al-Maleh and what others in the Free Army have announced. He was an opponent to the Muslim Brotherhood and Syria was looking for a way to eliminate the revolution led by Islamists or the Muslim Brotherhood. It is certain that he was one of the most prominent supporters and one that goes with US interests is Omar Suleiman. He was their friend. But also due to his relations with the US, or bombing in the Syrian intelligence building, the announcement of his death came from the United States. The final say: It is a difficult issue that Omar Suleiman picture emerges. Narrator: What you said maybe considered as an accusation to General Omar Suleiman of being a US agent.

Montasser Al-Zayat – Lawyer:

Of course, definitely. I want to be clear here. I’m not questioning the affiliation of Omar Suleiman to his country. I’m not questioning his patriotism. Even Hamas had seen him, as part of his work in the Palestinian file, as a first-class patriotic man. But also due to his relations with the US, and his belief in the role of the US and therefore the arrangements with Israel and its relations with Israel, I can conclude and I have no doubt of the possibility that the Americans might have killed Omar Suleiman.

Narrator: Considering general Mahmoud Zaher and Montasser Al-zaiat’s belief of American involvement in the assassination of the general we are much encouraged to investigate the general’s terminal… the United States, but before handling the tip of this string we did what’s necessary to be sure of the image which ignited the possibility on the general’s death at Syria.

Hani Yousef – Graphic Designer: Omar Suleiman’s face has been attached to the body of another person. This part belongs to another body in a certain place. Omar Suleiman’s face has been attached and then the image has been manipulated. Blood, skin and bruises have been placed on the image of Omar Suleiman’s face. They have been perfectly attached. This section shows the hair, but Omar Suleiman didn’t have hair at this section. Features of the eye are incorrect. The brain. Here, the apparent wound in the brain is clearly fabricated. Because if we look here, the bruises have been copied from an image. Bruises here were created in a certain way. It is unclear whether the image was taken from the scene or from the mortuary. There is wild imagination in the picture.

Narrator: After revealing the fake of the image on Omar Suleiman’s death at Syria, the possibility of his death at Syria became groundless at all, on moving to the general’s terminal at the US tricky questions are on the table, Why did the general leave Egypt after enjoying high esteem in the presidential race? Was his decision of departure based upon fears from clashes of a Group or based upon other reasons?.

Mohamed El Baz – Author of Poisonous Scorpion: Omar Suleiman decided to leave Egypt after he went to Abu Dhabi hosted by the ruling family in the United Arab Emirates. His departure to the United Arab Emirates was a one way departure. He had realized that he no longer had a place in Egypt. This was the first reason. He realized that if the Muslim Brotherhood gained power, they would ill-treat him. Especially since he was betrayed on February 12. After the announcement of the statement to give up, we have no announcement to step down from power. It was agreed between Al-Mosheer Al-Tantawi, Ahmed Shafiq and Omar Suleiman, that there will be a presidential council to manage the transition period in its headquarter in Al-Ittihadiya Palace. On February 12, there was a call, witnessed by Ahmed Aboul Gheit, between Omar Suleiman, and Al-Mosheer Al-Tantawi to ask him about the beginning of the work of the Presidential Council or the Presidential Group. Al-Mosheer Al-Tantawi answered him that he had closed the Al-Ittihadiya Palace. At the time, witnessed by an associate of Omar Suleiman when he received the news that he had been excluded from the presidential election, he said one sentence: “They betrayed me”. He didn’t define who betrayed him, but it was very clear that he knew many parties who didn’t want Omar Suleiman to rum in the presidential election and they were the cause to deliberately exclude him.

Koert Debeuf | European Union Parliament: What I think frankly what happened during this strange period of presidential elections is the fact that... I mean the Muslim brotherhood say that we were not going to run for president, then suddenly Hazim Abou Ismail came up as a president, and he was eating the voters of Muslim brotherhood, which was extremely dangerous I think for the position of Muslim brotherhood, so they said if this guy is running we have to run as well so as a count away so Khairat al-shater came, and I think that the Egyptian deep state thought we don’t like this guy, he’s too dangerous so let’s put Omar Suleiman, and then suddenly the 3 of them were not allowed to run, all for bizarre reasons, Abou Ismail because his mother was American, so what! I mean it’s not forbidden for your mother to be American, it’s forbidden to be American yourself but not for your mother, Omar Suleiman because of 36 votes, so in my opinion this was a way to Vaseline, to make Khairat Al-shater go out of the elections without like being … like saying we are going to hit the Muslim brotherhood, and then they got of course Mohamed Morsy who was proved to be much weaker than Khairat al shatter, so if there is one thing that I think that is very bizarre about this story it’s about these 3 people getting out of the election process almost at the same time.

Mohamed El Baz – Author of Poisonous Scorpion: I think the second betrayal Omar Suleiman faced was his body; if we assume that he was subjected to a state of extreme frustration, this situation led his body to collapse in the end. I don’t think that the rumors that he was in Abu Dhabi for treatment, are accurate. Omar Suleiman came out of Egypt, while he was suffering from health problems.

Narrator: Omar Suleiman departed Egypt for many reasons; the most important one of them is his illness, was his illness a sufficient natural factor to eliminate the life of the General?, Or was his illness a US subterfuge to get rid of him? Here visiting his family and close companions became a must to put our hands on the facts of his illness, we numerously tried to meet them, but all tries were in vain, moreover the General’s family noticed his office manager General Hussein Kamal not to speak to us, then we tried to contact his colleges. Hossam Khairallah – Ex-Intelligence Officer: In my last call with Omar Suleiman, I thought he was getting worse. He felt resentful of the situation. He felt resentful of the situation. He said in the last call, before he traveled, that he couldn’t remain in his country. His voice was different. He told me that he had inflammation. He did not say more than that. He did not express anything else. Nor did he name any disease. But he was affected in that period by water in the lung. Mahmoud Zaher – Ex-Intelligence Officer: The last time I met Mr. Omar Suleiman, was for a few minutes. He didn’t feel bad psychically or psychologically, except about the elections and people’s demanding him to run in the elections.

Mustafa Bakri – Journalist: After Mr. Omar Suleiman knew that he had been excluded from running in the presidential elections, he, in fact, was a subject of bad frustration and in contrary to what he seemed in front of the people he was in pain and he was always telling me I’m afraid for Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood power. I know them more than anyone. It seems that the mental state experienced by him affected his health, and then he went into the Sheikh Zayed Hospital in the United Arab Emirates after his body became so weak. He could not swallow afterwards, and he was advised to go to Germany. He was advised in Germany to go to Cleveland. Then he went to the US and remained there for a few hours in Cleveland Clinic. What happened there also raises a question mark. Narrator:

A bigger question mark raised, Ohio based Cleveland clinic where the General spent his last breath, there mysteries of his death were buried, was the US administration involvement in Suleiman’s murder, we moved to Jerusalem to meet a man who may possess untold information on the reasons of the US involvement in Suleiman’s death. Jibril Rajoub – Ex-Palestinians General: The last call between me and him was shortly before he left on June 28. I asked him what are you doing? He answered “I began to write”. I know what he knew. It is clear that those who do not want to see the light of truth intervened to remove Omar Suleiman from the scene; what happened between him and the last national security adviser to Bush in the last days, and what I have heard about his meeting with the Israeli security in November, two months the Egyptian revolution, and the American vision for reshaping the region. Also certainly part of it has to do with Mubarak and his regime, its corruption and inheritance of power. Alternatives were ready. This article moves the body even if the person does not move. But fate wants me to talk and tell what I know. I met him for two hours and a half. He asked me to urgently come, and he overviewed the results of his meeting with the Israelis, and Abu Mazen and the Palestinian system were on the targeting list.

Narrator During the investigation the research team managed to option a copy of Omar Suleiman’s passport, asserting his arrival at the US on 15/07/2012, another copy from the Cleveland clinic patient record proves Suleiman’s checking at the same time.

Mohamed El Baz – Author of Poisonous Scorpion: The entrance seal on Omar Suleiman’s passport is a proof that he entered the US on July 15 and died a few days later. This disclaims that Omar Suleiman was killed anywhere else. Narrator: Considering the conspiracy theory which were adopted in interpreting Suleiman’s death we have now several reasons indicating the involvement of the US in the murder of Omar Suleiman, but on the other side this can not contradict his death by Amyloidosis inside Cleveland clinic, we made a back step to put our hands on the health status of the general before his admission to the clinic and was it that acute to lead to his death just after three days in hospital , after numerous interviews with some of Omar Suleiman’s close friends they were all congregated on the bad psychological status of the General which some of them referred to as incubation of a severe depression, can this bad psychology lead to deterioration of his health status in that way.

Hesham Bahri – Psychiatrist: If the body is exposed to the pressure, it responds to them, first it sends a signal to the brain, then it causes the secretion of the article. It motivates the body to discharge its energy. This article moves the body even if the person does not move. As a result, sugar, blood pressure, heart tension and psychological autosomal diseases appear. This disease, if accompanied by organic disease, will largely affect the body. The body is exposed in this case to a very severe health crisis. Stress and pressure exhaust the body. If a part of the body suffers, the suffering will increase dramatically. Narrator: Poor psychological status may lead to deterioration of the health status but cannot in any means lead to incubation of Amyloidosis, so we should inquire about the disease which introduced Amyloidosis to the General. Gamal Shaaban – Cardiologist: Amyloidosis is a disease that occurs as a result of starchy protein precipitation in the blood vessels. Where the protein can’t go in the vessels of the body, it precipitates. The symptoms vary as according to the infected organ. If precipitation happens in the heart, a heart drop occurs. If deposition in the brain happens, a problem occurs in the brain. If precipitation happens in the lung, that means a drop is in the lung. But the worst thing is when it occurs in the heart, where the precipitation could cause a very rapid deterioration, making a heart attack a possibility. It may happen in another way which brings water in the lung when blood is unable to pull air out of the lungs. The patient feels as if he breathes from his throat and larynx voice becomes clear. In advanced cases of acute heart drop, the heart becomes like as if it is in the throat. And some cases end in such a way. Medically, an Amyloidosis patient or a heart patient may travel long distances and a sharp deterioration occurs.


Is the sufferer of this disease can be able to travel from Abu Dhabi to the US and make a long transit in Germany?

The patient may travel between Dubai, Germany and America. And such cases are transmitted in private equipped planes. The patient goes to America because there is an accurate diagnosis of such cases. But even if he wants to go to the US in such a situation, there are a few chances of success unless a heart has been transplanted Narrator: The only way to travel to the US is on the board of an emergency charter aircraft, in this way downs might be alleviated due to his bad health status, and few can argue his normal death, the answer of this question is in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is the first terminal of Omar Suleiman in his journey to the grave and the destination in our investigation, seeking an evidence here or there referring to his travel to the US over the board of an emergency aircraft, we tried to visit the military hospital in Abu Dhabi several times officially and unofficially but our tries were in vain. We tried to meet Ahmed Shafik one of the closest friends of Omar Suleiman during his last trip to Abu Dhabi but he categorically rejected the meeting Abu Dhabi, the small emirate on the shores of the golf might be chosen by Omar Suleiman to be his destination for recreation after exiting the Egyptian political scene in our pursuit for the fact all the people there share the same determination and did never reveal any piece of information about the General, it is very clear that it was the best choice for Omar Suleiman to keep and burry his secrets. Our last glimmer of hope was to meet one of the general’s close friends who can manage decipher some of these secrets.

Sameh Seif Yazal – Ex-Intelligence Officer: What happened is that he was seeking treatment in Abu Dhabi at the military hospital. Then it was decided to move him to the US for treatment there. It was asked that his doctor or the doctor who has been following his condition in Nile Valley Hospital accompany him in the plane. And he has already traveled to Abu Dhabi and refused to go until his doctor accompanied him. The doctor traveled to Abu Dhabi. On the same day they boarded a private ambulance provided by the United Arab Emirates. While they were on board, as the doctor, who I know very well, said that Omar Suleiman’s breathing started to be weak and he felt afraid that he might die prior to his arrival to the US. They were then in Europe. He asked for the plane to land in Germany and asked to go to the hospital where he received treatment in order to check his health condition as there was water in the lungs. He was transferred in an ambulance to the hospital, and they found out that there was a lot of water in the lungs. When his condition improved, doctors decided in the German hospital that he could move and travel to the US. He stayed there for 10 or 12 hours in the hospital and was accompanied by his daughter, her husband and the doctor of the Nile Valley Hospital. They traveled to the US. He died in the US as a result of a rare disease. Narrator: Where is the press report revealing the disappearance of Omar Suleiman’s medical record?. Sameh Seif Yazal – Ex-Intelligence Officer: I talked today and said hoe he died and told the truth. This comes as a result of what I heard. I am personally one people who attended his death. And therefore I do not accept any questioning of the facts I told. I assure for the last time that Omar Suleiman died in America in the presence of his daughter, her husband, and his personal doctor. I have no doubt in this matter. CIA may claim whatever they think. I do not know where the file is. But I believe that his family, the husband of his daughter and the doctor accompanied him to the fullest extent. I refuse any other story in form and content.

Narrator: We tried to contact the hospital in order to get the general’s medical record officially; the hospital alleged that the US federal law puts restrictions on that while just sent us the formal medical status of the reason of his death On 3 August 2012 a report by Egyptian magazine Rose Al-youssef by Tawhed Magdy reveals that he obtained the intelligence report alerting the disappearance of the General’s biological samples from the Cleveland clinic lab freezers Were the information in this report valid and was linked to Gabreial al rajoub statements there will be a stark accusations of the US in a liquidation of Omar Suleiman, we traveled to Ohio trying to put our hands on any string that may lead to a breakthrough, after the refusal of the Cleveland clinic to answer many of the questions, complications increased, we tried to reopen negotiations channel with the hospital but also in vain, we tried many times to get in to the hospital in an unofficial ways but the hospital detained a member of our team and he is now under investigation. At last we could enter the room where Omar Suleiman died, upon entering the room many questions raised inside our souls, although the simplicity of the room facilities, we wish the walls of it could tell us of what happened within and how Suleiman spent his last minutes Cleveland clinic was not the only destination of our pursuit inside the US, during the investigation we read an op-ed by an Ohio local journalist who disclosed the accusations against the Cleveland clinic to the US public opinion, we moved to him with our doubts and asked him wither he possessed untold facts that could serve decoding the murder. Eric Brewer | Journalist I became interested in the story after I had read about general Suleiman’s death, I thought that Cleveland clinic and the allegations that the CIA had worked with Cleveland clinic officials to assassinate not only General Omar Suleiman but Prince Naef ben abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia, and the pretense behind that according to the Egyptian politicians was that the US had some type of federal law that had allowed them to assassinate world leaders who might have had secrets that were detrimental to the United states interests, so I explored it and looked at a lot of the international newspapers that existed around the world to see how they covered it, I found some of the Egyptian newspapers and saw that one of the politicians there a head of a local party had actually called for an investigation of Cleveland clinic and working with the CIA, he wanted the medical records and asked the prosecutor in Egypt to conduct an investigation, this is a person who would still prosecutor after Abraham Morsy had been elected president. Narrator You wrote a new article that there was a contradiction between the US state department statement and the official statement of the hospital, why did your just indicate such a contradiction.

Eric Brewer | Journalist

What I found interesting about the statement from Patrick vantier from the US department of state and the statement from the officials at Cleveland clinic was that while vantier was talking about the fact that he could not release information about General Suleiman’s death because of HIPA laws that allowed for the protection of patient privacy you had a hospital that was supposed to enforce those laws releasing information about his death and also explaining the disease that they claimed that he had this Amyloidosis, the diagnosis seems convenient in a lot of different ways because it pops up as one of those unexplained things that you just have to say something, you figured they are not going to look at the diagnosis real closely, no one’s going to have access to his medical record, I contacted Thomas Gilson’s office , he’s the medical examiner for Cuyahoga County and learned from his spokesman the late palace seizer that he was not a medical examiner case and they weren’t going to autopsy his body, and so when you see those types of things take place you just wander, but it’s conspiracy theory, I mean and who’s to know, we’re not involved, we don’t have access to all the information, I just know that stories like this get public attention when journalists… writers they have an interest peek and they pursue the story all the way through, can this become something bigger? I think it could, there are public records that had been generated, could a journalist get access to those public records from the FBI? They’ve been very reticent to deliver any records as it relates to the freedom of information act; they always make it very difficult to release these records, so the reality is that a story like this would have to be put together based upon what happen back in Egypt, and what those officials are doing and what if they see this as something they will continue focusing on.

Narrator: During our trip in the US we were interested to listen to an American view point on that question… Was Omar Suleiman of that gravity to affect the US interests even after his departure of the political realms that to drove the US to arrange his liquidation? Nile El Wardani | Professor, American University in Cairo I suppose any government in the world including the American government can kill anyone, and I’m sure this has been done on many occasions in the past; you could say this about any of the extraordinary people that have lived in the United states, that have been leaders in the United states that may or may not have been killed by the government, including Martin Luther king or Robert Kennedy or john Kennedy, I don’t -If indeed he was killed at the Cleveland clinic- I don’t think there is any way that will ever be proof of that and I can’t say myself wither that occurred or not, I know that politics is very dirty, I think that no matter where it is in the world and I think that Omar Suleiman was obviously a person that really knew too much, and when you know too much you put yourself in danger, so there may… of course it’s very possible that he knew things that could’ve very much have embarrassed the states government in terms of how they were backing the MB, how they were backing the NDP, and if he divulged this it would have been extremely embarrassing to the United states, that may have been a reasons, and as I’ve seen the information that he went there he was quite healthy, he arrived at the clinic and two days later he was dead, I’ve seen that, But I don’t … I cannot make any judgment on that because I don’t know enough, I don’t think any of us know enough about what he may or may not have known, even if his body was exhumed, like they have exhumed Arafat’s body and it’s almost been a year now, and I don’ believe that there will ever be definitive proof either directions, and that is exactly as they would want it, exactly as the Americans would want it. Narrator: Saif Al-yazal statements about the medical history of Omar Suleiman and the details of his last minutes revealed to him by the family and the doctor along with his travel abroad in the emergency charter plan may lead to the conclusion that this was a natural death But nobody has a decisive conclusion regarding the general’s death, The first possibility of his murder on the hands of the Muslim brotherhood is based upon groundless analysis and viewpoints, It is clear that those accusations are motivated by political enmity, regarding his death at Syria, this proved to be unrealistic and even unwarranted at least when discussing the general’s passport attested arrival at the US just before 3 days of his death, during this investigation we could reject many of the hypotheses of his death, but we cannot close the door on room 9 at Cleveland clinic, There Suleiman departed and his secrets of death buried This is a tale of top notch ambiguity of a man lived a mid bolts of thunder and apart of the mid curtain of blackness, arguments about his death or murder will never seize for a long time.

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