Richard Medhurst is a producer, broadcast journalist and the host of Press TV’s The Communiqué  Richard Medhurstsince late 2020. Follow him on Twitter @richimedhurst

Based in Vienna– home to one of the United Nations’ four headquarters, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and numerous intergovernmental organizations– Medhurst is aptly placed to cover international relations. With a focus on the Middle East (Yemen, Syria, Palestine) and US politics (domestic and foreign policy, presidential elections, Iran nuclear deal), his program airs weekly and features special guests including other political commentators, foreign dignitaries, UN experts and former members of parliament.

Medhurst cut his teeth as one of the few independent journalists to report on Julian Assange’s extradition battle at the Old Bailey in London. He continues to host regular live broadcasts and video reports on his YouTube channel. During his first year of reporting he has built a significant following online, amassing millions of views on YouTube and over 100,000 combined followers on Twitter and Facebook.

In addition to his weekly news program on Press TV, Richard is a regular contributor to RT and Black Agenda Report. He has appeared on Sputnik, Al Mayadeen, Alikhbaria, LBC News, George Galloway’s MOAT, The Canary, and many more.

Richard Medhurst was born in Damascus, Syria. He is half Syrian and half British. Both his parents are Nobel Peace Prize laureates, having served in United Nations Peacekeeping and Observer missions. His international upbringing and fluency in several languages (English, French, Arabic, and German) makes him ideally suited to cover international relations, with a worldview firmly rooted in anti-imperialism.