Press TV is employing!

Press TV is employing a limited number of individuals from both inside and outside Iran. Applicants can be amateurs or professionals in the journalism field, although that would affect their chances, and potential paths to the newsroom. You can apply for the openings below. See what basic qualifications are necessary below.

Basic qualifications

  • Full command of the English language
  • Good grounding in the basic concepts of the media and television reporting
  • Please note that higher rankings in the other qualifications listed here (and possible on-the-job training) could potentially compensate for a lower grading in this area.
  • Reasonable knowledge of national and international developments in the political, social, and cultural fields
  • A desire to learn in the field (highly valued)
  • High team work skills for the newsroom environment
  • Ability to work under strained conditions
  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Sensitivity to words and nuances
  • A knack for storytelling

Application form*

Personal info

• Educational degree (Please upload a scanned copy of your last degree here. The copy must be verified.)

• Image (full profile)(.jpg)

• Upload an updated résumé here.(.pdf)

News & journalism

Do you have a journalistic background? Briefly explain here.

Read the following archival news piece about a recent political development. Prepare brief remarks in English about that development. (You can think about how it has affected your country, or the international community, or what has happened since, etc.) Record your thoughts in your own voice here. (Skip this stage if you do not have convenient access to a microphone.)

English knowledge

How do you describe your knowledge of English? (In your own terms)

Have you had formal training in the English language? Do you hold any certificates? If so, please upload a scanned copy of your degree(s) here.

* Please notice that submitting an application form does not entail employment and that secondary vetting will take place if you meet the initial requirements.

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