Gender Pay gap

The United States criticizes most countries on the issue of equality. It boasts itself on issues of women and gender equality. It claims it believes in gender equality and equality in the workplace, but despite years of rhetoric, it has not been able to close the gender pay gap in different American industries.

Women are still being paid less in the US for doing the same job, with the same qualifications and experience. American women are still less likely to be hired than men.

African American women are disproportionately paid less than men and hired for less paying jobs. The gender pay gap refers to disparities in earned incomes between men and women for doing the same work.

The equal pay for equal work movement started in the 1860s, but it wasn’t until 1963 that congress passed the Equal Pay Act. Then president, John F. Kenney said after signing the bill into law that paying men and women different wages for the same work was an “unconscionable practice” and added that “the average woman worker earns only 60% of the average wage for men.”

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