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Russia hosts security meeting on Afghanistan

Marina Kortunova
Press TV, Moscow 

The fifth meeting of security representatives from several countries to address Afghanistan problems has been held in the Russian capital Moscow.

Participants have come up with a number of practical measures to take joint actions in the fight against terrorism. The measures include curbing terrorism finances, intensifying cooperation in the field of combating transnational organized crime, illegal arms and drug trafficking, and preventing illegal migration.

The measures come at a time when US authorities are using the frozen Afghan assets as a tool to blackmail the country. In December, Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzya called on Washington to immediately return the funds stolen from the Afghan people. He called the US freezing of Afghanistan's assets outrageous.

This, as Afghan authorities are still reaping the fruits of chaos left by the Americans, and the situation in the socio-economic sphere is rapidly degrading. The Iranian representatives called the situation in Afghanistan a consequence of the US policy.

The secretaries of national security of the participant countries described the US strategy in Afghanistan as pre-planned and prepared. Under the pretext of fighting the terrorist group that Washington itself created, the US wants to force Afghanistan’s neighboring countries to open their doors to American bases. That’s a policy aimed at expanding the US presence in the region. Such meetings are seen as an attempt to neutralize and contain the US approach.

The Moscow format on Afghanistan was created in 2017 that brought together Russia, Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Iran, and India. Later, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan joined as well. Participants have so far held several meetings aimed at helping Afghanistan which has been devastated by years of the US-led war.

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