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West Bank tensions

The Israeli military is sending more troops to the occupied al-Quds after two shooting attacks in the city. The Israeli army says an additional battalion has been sent to the city for reinforcement. After a security cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged a "strong, swift and precise response to the deadly shooting attacks." He added that the regime is not seeking escalation, but is prepared for any scenario. 

Italy-Libya gas deal

Italy has signed an eight billion dollar gas deal with Libya's National Oil Corporation. The Italian energy company, Eni, and Libya's largest energy corporation have reached a landmark gas production agreement to boost energy supplies to Europe. The deal was made during Italian Premier Giorgia Meloni’s trip to Tripoli, the capital of Libya. Based on the agreement, two offshore gas fields will be developed by 2026 to increase output. The head of Libya’s biggest oil company has called it the most important investment in the country’s energy sector. European governments have been trying to find alternatives to Russian gas since the start of Russia-Ukraine conflict. The war has been sending prices soaring to record highs. 

Portugal protest

Tens of thousands of public school teachers and staff have held a demonstration in Portugal’s capital Lisbon, calling for higher salaries and better working conditions. Police estimated that 80,000 people took part in the rally. The protesters demanded the government increase their salaries by at least 120 euros a month and speed up career progression. Teachers complain that because of career freezes in the past, they are the lowest-paid civil servants. They say their situation has worsened after a recent spike in inflation to a 30-year high. Since early December, teachers and other staff across the country have been on strike, closing many schools and leaving students with no classes to attend classes.

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