Iran Escalates in Kurdistan

The ground forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards corps stressed that the targeting of terrorist separatist groups in the Kurdistan region of Iraq came after these groups intervened in the recent riots in Iran, and with the region of northern Iraq not heeding the warnings to close their headquarters.

The Iranian ground forces demanded, in a statement, "the Iraqi central government and the regional government of northern Iraq to assume their responsibilities towards the Islamic Republic as their neighbor." Iran says the missiles and drones hit and destroyed most of the targets, stressing that "the series of operations will continue until the terrorist groups' weapons are disarmed."

Over the past years, the occupying power has focused its efforts on getting the Palestinians to accept that their land is no longer theirs, and to abandon their identity and cause, in return for periodic economic bids in their favor. Indeed, this strategy has found people promoting and adopting it, to the extent that it has become the best strategy for the political and military leaderships in the entity, depending on the extent of their right-wing.

What helped the Israeli entity in its endeavor to establish the equation of “a deluxe occupation without costs” is that it was able to bend the Palestinian Authority and its security services in its favor, and turn it into a proxy for Israel in suppressing any Palestinian aspiration to rebel against the occupation. To discuss this issue with us from the occupied west bank is Dr. Saad Nimr academic and political commentator.

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