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Europe energy crisis

Hungary says an EU plan to impose a price cap on Russian gas may trigger an immediate cut-off in Russia’s gas supply to Europe. Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto says the proposal is against European and Hungarian interests. The price cap was announced by the European Commission on Wednesday. EU officials say the move will lower the costs of gas and would enable EU member states to support vulnerable households and companies. The bloc is split on the plan. Power and fuel prices have soared as Russia has cut the amount of gas it sends to Europe, with European leaders accusing Moscow of weaponizing its energy supplies. Russia has blamed the supply cuts on technical issues. Moscow has warned that it will halt supply of oil and gas to counties that impose price caps on the country’s energy.

California wildfire

Firefighters in the US are struggling to gain control of wildfires across the state of California as a seemingly endless heat wave persists in the region. A blaze that started burning on Monday outside the city of Los Angeles has expanded in two directions in Western and eastern California and almost doubled in size in the past 24 hours. Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate the area and two people have been killed. Officials say the fire has now engulfed more than 7700 Hectares, and only 5% of the wildfire has been contained. Another wildfire is also growing rapidly in northern California forcing thousands of others out of their homes.

North Korea nuclear law

Russia has accused the US of destabilizing the Korean peninsula amid rising tensions in the region. The Russian Foreign Ministry said recent moves by Washington have made it difficult to convince Pyongyang that its security can be ensured by political rather than military means. Moscow says it is closely monitoring any military activity on the peninsula. This came after North Korea passed a law, officially declaring the country as a nuclear state. The legislation allows Pyongyang to launch preventive nuclear strikes including in the face of conventional attacks. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has described the new status as irreversible.

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