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Iranians mark day of Ashura in commemoration of Imam Hussein

Yusef Jalali

Press TV, Tehran

Iranians across the country have held mourning processions to mark the day of Ashura, which is the culmination of the 10-day mourning period commemorating Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam.

Muslims beating on their chests and shedding tears for a man who was killed some 14 centuries ago, but his heart-wrenching martyrdom continues to touch the hearts of his followers; he is Imam Hussein, the third Shia Imam.

On the day of Ashura, which is the tenth and final day of the annual ten-day mourning rituals, Iranians from all walks of life took part in mass processions across the country to honor Imam Hussein.

Imam Hussein was the grandson of Prophet Muhammad.

He was killed along with his seventy-two companions in a battle against the forces of the tyrannical ruler of the time, Yazid ibn-e Muawiyah, on the plains of modern-day Iraqi city of Karbala.

The Karbala tragedy was triggered after Imam Hussein refused to pay allegiance to Yazid, for he believed that the caliph did not practice true Islam as taught by the prophet.

These people say Imam Hussein's sacrifices saved Islam from distortion and manipulation by Yazid, and this is just one reason why his love never dies down in the hearts of Muslims after 14 centuries.

Ashura is the climax of Imam Hussein's commemoration ceremonies, but there's a famous saying among Muslims that every day is Ashura. This encourages Muslims to live the legacy of Imam Hussein every day in their lives, believing that the messages of Karbala should never be forgotten.

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