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Attack on US Syria base 

Several rockets from an unidentified source have reportedly been fired at one of the largest US military bases in Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah. Local reports say one rocket shell landed inside the US base in the oil-rich town of Shaddad and the rest fell in its vicinity. People in the city and the surrounding areas also heard loud explosions from the military site and saw smoke rising out of it. Prior to the attack, Washington had sent two convoys carrying artillery and armored vehicles to the base. The US has stationed hundreds of troops and military equipment without the permission of the Syrian government. Damascus has repeatedly called on the UN to end US unsolicited military presence in the country. 

EU-Russia gas row

Gas prices are soaring across Europe as Moscow slashes gas supply through the single biggest pipeline to Germany. Gas prices have increased by 9%, inching closer to an earlier all-time high. The Nord stream one pipeline that brings Russian gas to Europe via Germany is now operating at less than a fifth of its normal capacity. Russia previously cut flows through the pipeline to 40% in June citing maintenance work. The European Union says Moscow is using energy as a weapon against European countries. The Kremlin, however, says the disruption in gas supply is due to the bloc’s sanctions against Russia.

Probing Trump's actions 

The US Justice Department is reportedly examining former President Trump’s role in last year's Capitol attack as part of the election-related criminal probe. US media are citing sources as saying that federal prosecutors are questioning former White House officials about Trump’s involvement in the deadly riots at the Capitol. A congressional committee has been holding its own hearings into the incident. The committee says Trump should be held accountable for a dereliction of presidential duty. But the panel of senators does not have the power to bring criminal charges against Trump. Therefore any investigation by the Justice Department into the former president's personal role is very significant. Trump, however, has denied the accusations, calling them total fiction.

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