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British, Indians rally in London to condemn anti-Muslim violence in India

Robert Carter
Press TV, London

British Indians flocked to central London Sunday to condemn India’s ruling government over its failures to protect minorities from persecution.

The anger comes after a string of incidents saw a huge number of India’s 204 million Muslims turn against the authorities, who they claim are systematically discriminating against them.

Violence and Islamophobic rhetoric against minorities in India has become so common that many onlookers fear genocide may be on the horizon.

Muslims in particular fear for their safety as Islamophobic hate crimes run rampant.

Accusations against New Delhi include allowing sectarian attacks on mosques, failing to stop anti-Muslim lynch mobs, hijab bans, and the bulldozing of homes in Muslim areas, essentially a type of ethnic cleansing.

India’s prime minister who heads the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been accused of pushing an extremist Hindu nationalism that preaches intolerance of other religious groups.

Under Narendra Modi’s watch, India has been routinely condemned by human rights groups over anti-Muslim discrimination, but the attention of Western leaders has been more focused on building trade with India to help combat economic instability.

And that is why, so far, concerns by Muslims in India have fallen mostly on deaf ears.

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