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Life in frontline Ukrainian town

Johnny Miller
Press TV, Horlivka

The town of Holmivskiya  the war has left its devastating effects. The streets are eerily deserted as the frontline is close.

The cultural center was hit a few days ago. It now serves as the town hall. From inside I am pointed out a Russian monument.

While I am filming, the boom of outgoing artillery! Two people were killed at the monument this week. The building like the streets outside feels like a ghost town.

Incredibly, in this desolate place, some civilians still live here although most cower inside.

In the adjacent city of Gorlovky, I meet the well-known Mayor, Ivan Prikhodko. He uses a Ukrainian flag as the doormat to his office.

While Russia calls this war a special military operation, Ukraine calls it an invasion. But here in Donbas, the pro-Russian civilians call it a liberation operation.

With the Russian army making gains not far to the north of these desperate streets, the eight years of war in this town, might finally be set to end.

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