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Press TV exclusive: Hamas official slams Israel as threat to humanity

A member of Israeli forces aims at Palestinian worshipers during a violent raid in al-Aqsa Mosque on 15 April 2022. (Photo by Reuters)

A senior official of the Hamas resistance movement describes Israel as a threat to humanity, saying Palestine’s anti-occupation struggle is a humanitarian cause concerning not just the Muslim nations but the whole world.  

The Palestinian cause is not just an Arab-Muslim cause, but a humanitarian cause conveying the important message that “the occupation force is not only against the Palestinians alone, but against the entire humanity,” Osama Hamdan, Hamas’s top representative in Lebanon, said in an interview with Press TV on Thursday.

The Israeli enemy only speaks with “the language of force and violence,” presuming that “breaking the will and determination of people” would help it achieve hegemonic dominance and steal more land, he said.

The senior Hamas official added that the regime’s tactic is to portray itself as an “invincible” entity that cannot be conquered in the eyes of the resistance forces.

But such tactics, he said, are futile as the Israeli regime has been intimidated by the resistance groups both in Palestine and Lebanon.

Despite decades of relentless attempts, Hamdan added, the regime has not succeeded in securing recognition as a legitimate entity from free nations.

Hamdan also referred to pro-Israeli propaganda that the mainstream Western media have been spreading.

The world is, however, well aware of the plight of Palestinians, although Western media attempt to misrepresent the realities on the ground, he said.

Ha also censured fellow Arab states for sitting idly by in the face of Israeli occupation, refraining from acting or intervening, and silently watching what is happening in Palestine.

And now, some Arab governments and Israel are even attempting to form an alliance to launch more wars in the region, the Hamas official said.

Hamdan also commented on the importance of observing the upcoming International Quds Day, introduced by the late founder of Iran’s Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, with the aim of keeping Israeli occupation of Palestine in focus.

He described Imam Khomeini’s designation as a “very significant phase in the history” of the Palestinian struggles against Israeli occupation.

The Hamas official is in Iran to join the events marking the Quds Day.

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