US Failed State

The Biden administration has had myriad challenges from the get-go, rendering a unique style of governance for the Democratic leader, who has appeared at a time that America remains extremely divided, probably more than ever.

Americans voted for Joe Biden amid dangers of a second round of presidency by billionaire real estate tycoon Donald Trump, who approached the office of the president in an unprecedented manner. However, Biden’s presidency has been questioned by Trump and his followers, putting American democracy in a unique peril. Biden has been battling not just the coronavirus pandemic and the rising inflation.

But also attempts to make voting harder in favor of Republicans. In this episode we will look at all the ups and downs in the recent years of the US politics and economy and how it has led up to the situation today: from the Covid pandemic to the inflation and supply chain issues as well as the political and cultural divide widening evermore in America: The power play in Washington and a democracy in tatters.

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