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Saudi Yemen blockade

Saudi Arabia impounds yet another emergency fuel ship bound for Yemen, amid a deteriorating humanitarian crisis there. The Yemen Petroleum Company says the ship, en route to the port city of Hudadyah, was seized on Monday. The vessel was detained despite being searched, and holding entry permits from the UN. Two other ships were seized earlier the same day. The Saudi-led coalition has held dozens of ships over the past one and a half year, blocking Yemen's much-needed fuel imports. The humanitarian situation is deteriorating in Yemen due to an all-out Saudi blockade. Much of Yemen’s vital sectors, including hospitals as well as electricity and water services, have already come to a halt. According to the UN, more than 23 million people now need assistance. That accounts for about three out of every four people. Among them are 19 million who will go hungry in the coming months.

US: Russia planning false flag

US President Joe Biden once again accusing Russia of considering the use of chemical weapons in Ukraine. Biden says President Vladimir Putin’s back is against the wall. According to the US president, Russia is now setting up false flags, in preparation for using chemical weapons. Biden says these include Moscow’s allegation that Kiev has biological and chemical weapons, but has not offered any proof to back his claims. Moscow says it has evidence of Washington helping Ukraine make chemical weapons in biowarfare labs near the Russian border. But the US denies that.

Russia-Japan tensions

Russia says it has broken off peace treaty talks with Japan, because of Tokyo’s unfriendly position against Moscow over Ukraine. Russia says that it does not intend to continue the negotiations under the current conditions. The move has drawn a reaction from Japan, with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida calling it completely unacceptable. Japan has recently imposed a series of sanctions on Russian financial institutions and exports. The two countries have not signed a peace treaty Since World War II, due to a territorial standoff over a set of islands. Russia also says it has withdrawn from talks over joint business projects on the islands and ended visa-free travel to the territory for Japanese citizens.


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