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Macron doesn’t apologize for slaying of 9 protesters in 1962

Ramin Mazaheri
Press TV, Paris

On the 60th anniversary of the slaying of 9 peaceful protesters, Paris still refuses to recognize governmental responsibility for what’s known as the Charonne Metro Massacre.

French police attacked a protest led by trade unionists against the infamous OAS, a paramilitary group known for its regular atrocities during the Algerian War of Independence.

With France’s imperialist war just six weeks from admitting defeat and with peace talks underway, the massacre represented a last, bloody gasp of murderous intimidation against domestic anti-imperialists and leftists.

The French state has never admitted its guilt in the scandal, nor apologized, nor fully opened state archives. Perhaps thinking of April’s upcoming election, President Emmanuel Macron said in a short statement that he was paying “homage” to the victims and their families. For many, the words fell short.

By refusing to recognize the murder of peaceful protesters as a state crime, many fear it could happen again in France. Under Macron the Yellow Vest demonstrations, which still occur nationwide every Saturday, saw 5,000 protesters seriously hurt, over 1,000 critically injured, scores maimed for life and 11 deaths.

France’s presidential election is being dominated by four right-wing candidates who seem to be trying to outdo each other in Islamophobia and xenophobia, causing many protesters to note how little France had changed in 60 years.

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