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Anti-Israel petition in US

Over 3,000 Americans have signed a petition, calling on Secretary of State Anthony Blinken to intervene to stop Israel’s ethnic cleansing campaign against Palestinian Bedouins in the Negev Desert. The region makes up almost a half of the area of historic Palestine. The petition has been launched by Code Pink, a women's organization that supports Palestinian rights. The petitioners say the Jewish National Fund has been planting trees to displace Palestinians in the Negev. They have asked Blinken to immediately halt the afforestation on the land used by the Palestinian Bedouins. The petition details how the fund was established in 1901 for the purpose of buying and developing land for Israel’s settlement construction. Code Pink notes the fund plays a central role in the plans to expel Palestinians from their territories.

Ukraine-Russia tensions

The United States orders the families of its diplomats in the Ukrainian capital to leave citing what it calls “the threat of military action from Russia.” In a statement, the State Department has also authorized the voluntary departure of its non-essential embassy staff from Kiev. Washington says all Americans should consider leaving the European country due to a continued Russian military threat to Ukraine. The statement calls on people to leave using all options available. The department also warns US citizens not to travel to Russia. Washington had previously issued the highest-level travel advisory for Ukraine. It had also warned its citizen that they should not anticipate there would be US government-sponsored evacuations should a war take place in Ukraine.

US right-wing threat

A new poll reveals that Americans are worried about the rise of extremism and right-wing militias in their country. The poll conducted by the Economist and YouGov reveals that more than half of Americans view right-wing militia groups as a threat to the US. A third of those surveyed say such groups pose an immediate and serious threat. 81% of Americans also view domestic terrorism as a threat. People affiliated with the Democratic Party are more concerned about the rise of right-wing militias in the US compare to the Republicans.

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