The Dark Knight

Welcome to 2022, which so far is just like 2021, except with some new, improved varieties of Covid. Did you make a new year’s resolution?

Many have already given up resolutions like exercising, reading, dieting, or in Joe Biden’s case, trying to remember what year this actually is.

Surprisingly, the New Year honors list contained a knighthood for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. From now on he's to be called "Sir Tony" instead of "War Criminal" or maybe Sir War Criminal. 'Sir Tony' said, " It was a great privilege to serve as prime minister and I would like to thank all those who served alongside me." He means George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and a bunch of other people dedicated to liberating all the oil wells in Iraq.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said of the honors list, "These recipients have inspired us!" Uh oh! Inspired him to do what? Is he now planning to invade and conquer somewhere? He can’t conquer Europe because, clearly, that would mean we’d be back in the EUAGAIN! But it might be OK to attack France because, it’s something of a tradition, isn’t it!


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