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Yemen demonstration

Hundreds of people have just held a big rally in Yemen to show their anger at the ongoing Saudi military aggression. A short while ago, the demonstrators converged in the city of Sa’ada, for the rally dubbed, loyalty to the blood of martyrs. They chanted slogans against Saudi Arabia, and demanded justice for the victims of the seven-year war. The crowd of protesters also criticized the United States and Western countries for supporting the war. Saudi Arabia has recently stepped up its airstrikes, killing more Yemenis and causing more destruction. The war and economic blockade have taken a heavy toll on Yemen. Apart from hundreds of thousands of people who’ve lost their lives, millions are only a step away from hunger, and lack access to basic healthcare.

West Bank killing 

Israeli forces open fire on a car killing one Palestinian in the occupied West Bank city of Ramallah. 26-year-old Mohammad Issa Abbas succumbed to wounds he sustained after he was shot in the back. He was taken to a nearby hospital in a critical condition but attempts to save him failed. The incident comes as the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, slams new Israeli rules that give the regime’s soldiers more freedom to use deadly force against Palestinians. It says the new Israeli rules show Israeli military leaders’ criminal behaviors that are based on terrorism and the deliberate killing of innocent people. The new rule allows Israeli soldiers to shoot at Palestinians who throw stones even if they don’t pose an imminent threat.

Europe Omicron crisis 

Europe once again becomes a covid hotspot, as daily infections reach record highs in different countries. The fast-spreading omicron variant is blamed for the surge. New daily cases now surpass 106,000 in Britain, the highest daily tally in the country since the pandemic began. Elsewhere in Western Europe, France says it’s on a warpath against Omicron. The country reports over 84,000 new cases, its second-highest tally this year. The French government predicts that daily cases will hit 100-thousand there by the end of the year. Neighboring Italy is also witnessing a rise in its 24-hour infections. The covid surge has already prompted some European countries to tighten restrictions just ahead of New Year holidays. Germany is one of them. The country says it will limit private gatherings to ten people.

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