Twisters on the loose

The worst tornado in Kentucky’s history, hit the state leaving 77 dead, destroying more than a thousand homes.

Climate change shows its devastating face with rare storms, winds and tornadoes in many states of America. Biden’s infrastructure bill faces challenges of scarce trained workers. Can the main culprit of climate change also pose as the leader of fighting this phenomenon?

Will Americans change their lifestyles drastically and abandon consumerism to stop Earth’s annihilation? When will the US government stop its hypocritical positions, massively funding its nuclear energy sector while coercing other nations to abandon it? In this episode we will talk about the recent tornado in the United States.

What the government is doing to fix its deteriorating infrastructure in light of the passing of the infrastructure bill. Will the bill bring hope to poor communities? Who is responsible for climate change and will the US succeed in reversing these natural disasters and their devastating impacts?

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