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US 'weaponizing' democracy 

China responds angrily after the US excluded it from a summit on democracy. Beijing says Washington is using democracy as a weapon of mass destruction to interfere in other countries. China believes the latest summit aimed to draw lines of ideological prejudice. The country also accuses the US of inciting division, while instigating color revolutions overseas. China promises to resolutely resist all kinds of what it calls fake democracies. The US held its summit on Thursday and Friday, bringing together more than a hundred world leaders. Taiwan, a self-ruled island claimed by China, was invited too. The island is a major source of contention between China and the US, over Washington’s military and political support for Taiwan that seeks independence from mainland China.

End to ceasefire

Pakistan-based Taliban, also known as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, has unilaterally announced an end to a ceasefire with the government. The group took the decision while accusing Pakistani authorities of not living up to the commitments of the ceasefire deal.

Anti-Israel resolution

The United Nations General Assembly has approved six scathing resolutions against the Israeli regime. One of the resolutions, passed with 149 votes against two, called for the Israeli withdrawal from the occupied Golan Heights. Another resolution called for a halt to the regime’s unlawful settlement activities and the construction of its wall along the Gaza Strip. It added that settlements are an obstacle to peace and economic and social development. The resolutions also call on Israel to end military operations against Palestinian and Syrian civilians. The text with the largest support was a resolution that called for financial assistance to Palestinian refugees through funds funneled to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees. Only Israel was against that resolution.

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