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Iran P4+1 talks 

Talks are ongoing between Iran and the remaining signatories to the country’s nuclear deal. Iran’s chief negotiator, Ali Bagheri Kani, told Press TV a short while ago, that Tehran has provided the nuclear deal parties with two completed drafts, one on the removal of sanctions against the country, and the other on Iran's nuclear commitments. He says Iran is now waiting to hear from the other parties whether they’re prepared to discuss those drafts during the ongoing round of the talks. Bagheri Kani also said he has warned the other negotiating teams NOT to allow outside players to disrupt the talks.

Travel apartheid 

The UN chief calls into question the fairness of travel bans in place over the new Covid variant, saying they're unlikely to produce the desired effect.

US-China standoff 

Taiwan remains at the center of tensions between Washington and Beijing. Now, the US says it has an unwavering commitment to assisting Taiwan. Washington’s top diplomat for Asia, Daniel Kritenbrink, says China’s threats to Taiwan, have stepped up the need for Washington to respond in an appropriate way, and to help the island maintain, quote, a credible self-defense. The issue of Taiwan has also soured relations between China and Japan. Earlier, Tokyo received criticism from Beijing over comments by Japan’s former prime minister. Shinzo Abe has said that neither Japan nor the United States could stand idly by, in case of China’s attack on Taiwan. He has also warned of the security and economic consequences of any Chinese military action. Beijing responded by calling those comments EXTREMELY ERRONEOUS, and summoning the Japanese ambassador for an emergency meeting.


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