US’s feeble assurance to Assange

Richard Medhurst has obtained classified documents from the United States embassy in Madrid, revealing the diplomatic assurances given by the United States to the government of Spain, for Mendoza’s extradition.

These documents detail the assurances offered by the US and how the US violated the conditions of his extradition. Court documents reveal show how the United States denied Mendoza’s transfer request numerous times. David Mendoza spent over 6 years in the United States, fighting to get back to Spain. While in prison, Mendoza sued both the United States and Spain for failing to uphold the conditions of his extradition and violating his human rights.

His case is so extraordinary and such a miscarriage of justice, that it was recently taken up by the United Nations. In October 2021, Mendoza’s case was mentioned in the English High Court, where the United States is trying to extradite Julian Assange to the US The United States has offered similar diplomatic assurances, saying that Assange can serve his sentence in his home country, Australia. Assange’s lawyers cited Mendoza’s case as proof that these diplomatic assurances from the United States cannot be trusted.

James Lewis, the lead U.S. prosecutor told the High Court that “the United States has never, ever broken a diplomatic assurance”. These diplomatic communications and court documents paint a completely different picture.

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