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Daesh Pakistan attack 

Just a day after a bombing attack that ripped through a police barracks in northern Pakistan, Daesh terrorists now say it was their job. Police are confirming two officers died in the blast. Six civilians, including a young girl, were also injured. It took place in Bajaur, that’s a district near the border with Afghanistan. Daesh terrorists have claimed a string of bloody violence, including attacks on mosques in Afghanistan, in the past months. But such attacks have been rare in Pakistan.

Contentious climate compromise 

Negotiators at the COP26 talks in Glasgow reach a compromise on how to curb climate change despite disputes over the agreement's efficacy. The UN chief said the world is still on the precipice of catastrophe. The agreement saw a last-minute change that some officials called a watering down of crucial language about thorny issues, including coal emissions. Several countries expressed deep disappointment at the change to phase down, rather than phase out coal power, while the deal doesn’t set a quota or timetable for emission cuts. It also leaves many developing countries far short of the funds they need to build cleaner energy and cope with weather disasters. The deal came after two weeks of negotiations aimed at averting a global temperature rise of about 1.5 degrees Celsius.

US cyberattack 

Hackers are back in action. Their target this time: the email system of the FBI. A huge number of spam emails have been sent out, warning that a cyberattack was taking place. The FBI says it’s investigating the attack, and that the compromised server is now out of service. The hacking sparked a flood of calls from worried organizations seeking advice from the FBI. A cyber-threat tracking company says at least 100,000 emails were sent out from the FBI account. US government agencies have been hacked several times recently. One of the most high-profile attacks among them, was the Solar-Winds attack last year. It gave hackers access to classified data of several government agencies.

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