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US govt. continues to mistreat immigrants at Mexico border

Rony Curvelo
Press TV, Miami

Last week, Joe Biden administration said it was considering $450,000 handout to each immigrant separated at the country's border with Mexico.

However, there are still 1,727 children yet to be reunited with their families, constituting 33 percent of all those identified as separated from their parents by the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) under the Trump administration's zero-tolerance policy -- a clear violation of human rights.

Many experts agree that the United States has failed to help Latin American countries to have a strong and transparent public institutions with less corruption.

Another problem is that some Central American countries have the highest rates of poverty and violence, which requires greater investment to create jobs and combat gangs that terrorize Central Americans who end up fleeing to the US.

More than 60 percent of immigrants have lived in this country for more than a decade and have more than four million children born in the United States.

Despite the discrimination and hardships imposed by different US governments, the immigrants are the backbone of the country's agriculture, construction and hospitality sectors, representing five percent of the total workforce.

If the promise of the US government to provide full citizenship of immigrants three times than the current figure comes to fruition, it would open the door to one of the most important demographic changes in modern American history, by pulling millions of Latin immigrants out of the shadows, and turning them into potential voters.

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