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Israel Golan violations

Syria believes pressure is needed to make Israel stop its violations and illegal constructions in the occupied Golan Heights. The Arab country now wants to see some action from the UN Security Council. Syria’s UN envoy says Israeli efforts to change the demographics of the Golan Heights or impose its custody there will fail. Bassam Sabbagh noted that such measures have no legal effect under the relevant UN resolutions. He says sooner or later, the occupied territory will return to Syria. Sabbagh also condemned Israel for the assassination of a former Syrian lawmaker last week. The Golan Heights belong to Syria, and all settlements there are illegal. Israeli officials, however, say they are planning to eventually increase the settler population there fourfold.

Iran air force drills

The Air Force of the army of the Islamic Republic of Iran has launched major maneuvers across the country. The main feature of this military drill is that all operations at different bases across the nation have been commanded online from the main headquarters in Tehran.

Poland-EU war of worlds

Tensions between the European Union and Poland continue to escalate. The Polish prime minister says he will not bow to what he calls blackmail of the 27-member bloc. Ahead of an EU leaders’ summit in Brussels, Mateusz Morawiecki said his country will not accept the bloc making decisions on areas of national competences of its member states. Morawiecki added, he would seek, however, solutions to Warsaw's ongoing feuds with the union. Tensions heightened earlier this month after Poland's top court rejected the supremacy of some of the EU laws, arguing they are incompatible with the constitution. The move has raised fears it could be a first step toward Poland leaving the bloc. However, the Polish government has denied any plan for a Polexit.

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