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UK Government happy to host arms fairs, not so happy to host refugees 2. The United Kingdom has hosted one of the world’s arms fairs yet again. Many of the prime customers are the same nations that the UK attacks politically, and sometimes militarily, for human rights abuses and other policy reasons.

The Arms Fair, and the billions of pounds of revenue this represents in UK trade, is public evidence that Britain cares more about money than it does about peace. 3. The Defence and Security Equipment International ('DSEI') arms fair is one of the biggest arms fairs in the world. Once again, it is once being hosted in the city of London, with the active political and financial support of the UK government.

This fair invites massive companies to sell weapons to massive customers. Many of these customers are nations that violate the very principles that have caused the UK to go to war in the past. There is no apparent restriction regarding who attends, though Ministers sometimes say they have an ethical foreign policy.

This claim angers demonstrators and confuses the public. 4. Arms companies like BAE Systems are currently promoting their bombs, fighter jets, and tanks which they pitch as battlefield tested, with representatives from repressive regimes lining up for their purchase.

The Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) estimates that since 2010, the UK has sold weapons to 51 countries. Of these, 22 were mentioned in the UK Government’s OWN human rights watch list, and 26 countries were defined as ‘not free’ by Freedom House. Also, arms sales by the UK have increased by 300% since 2018.

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