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Kabul airport blast

The Pentagon says an explosion has occurred outside Kabul’s International Airport, where evacuation efforts are underway. US officials say the blast appears to have been the result of a suicide bomb attack. Unnamed US officials say several American troops may have been injured. Meanwhile, the Taliban said at least 13 people were killed, including children. The militant group says many of its guards have been wounded. The incident came after several Western countries warned about risks of an imminent terror attack in Kabul airport, urging people to avoid the venue. Germany had also warned that the departures have reached their most dangerous stage.

Afghanistan evacuations

The German defense minister has described the situation around Kabul airport as very difficult and dangerous. Canada, Poland, Belgium and Denmark have all stopped their evacuations from the airport. But Washington says its operations will continue through the end of the month. The Taliban have refused to extend the deadline for the withdrawal of foreign troops beyond the August 31 deadline. 

Russia UK warning

Russia says there will be consequences if Britain violates its territorial waters again. The Russian ambassador to the UK told the BBC that his country would make it more difficult for British military vessels to enter its waters next time. Andrei Kelin was referring to a June intrusion by the British navy destroyer, HMS Defender, into Russia's territorial waters in the Black Sea. The Russian defense ministry said at the time that it had fired warning shots at the vessel off the coast of the Crimean Peninsula. Moscow also slammed Britain for violating international law and denounced the move as dangerous and provocative. Britain, however, claimed the vessel was in the Ukrainian territory and in accordance with international law. 

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