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Israel warmongering 

Israel has threatened it may have to resort to launching military action against Iran to help the United States negotiate a new nuclear deal with Tehran. The regime’s Minister of Military Affairs, Benny Gantz, has accused Iran of seeking to build a nuclear weapon. He said military action must be considered as a Plan B to prevent Iran from accessing the materials for a nuke. Israel’s chief of staff had also made a similar threat. The developments come as the Vienna talks aimed at reviving the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal appear to have stalled. Iran has time and again rejected any renegotiation of the accord. Moreover, Iranian officials have on many occasions stressed that Tehran doesn’t want a war, but will make a crushing response to any aggressors.

Rafah crossing to reopen 

Palestinian officials say Egypt will reopen the Rafah border crossing with the besieged Gaza Strip on Thursday. The officials said they have been notified by Egyptian authorities that the crossing will remain open in one direction for three days. That’s to allow stranded people to return back to the Palestinian territory. Egyptian goods and aid will also be allowed into the Strip. Egypt closed the crossing on Monday, citing security reasons following recent escalation of hostilities between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza. Rafah is a lifeline for Gazans who have been under a crippling Israeli siege since 2007. But Cairo often takes unilateral decision to close the border point under Israeli pressure.

Afghanistan evacuation 

Western countries are warning their nationals in Afghanistan to immediately leave the surrounding of Kabul airport, as thousands scrambling there to catch evacuation flights. The US state department has called on Americans to avoid the airport, citing unspecified security threats. Australia’s department of foreign affairs also urged its nationals not to travel to Kabul airport, asking those already in the area to move to a safe location until further notice. The UK issued similar warning, calling on Britons to leave Afghanistan safely by other means if they can. Desperate crowds have gathered in and around the airport as the August 31st deadline for forces and nationals of US and its allies to leave Afghanistan looms.

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