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Kabul airport firefight

German officials say an Afghan security force member has been killed and three others have been injured during a firefight at the airport in Kabul. The unified armed forces of Germany says there have been clashes between Afghan forces and unknown assailants at the northern gate of Kabul airport. It says American and German soldiers were also involved in the clashes. NATO officials at the airport say all gates have been closed. The Kabul airport has been the scene of chaos in the past days as thousands of people rushed there in a bid to flee the country amid the Taliban takeover. More than 20 people have lost their lives due to stampedes and gunshots at the airport. 

Egypt Gaza crossing closure

Egypt says it is closing the Rafah border crossing with Gaza, the only land opening to the rest of the world for Palestinians living in the besieged strip. A spokesman for the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, says Cairo has informed Gaza authorities about shutting down the crossing from Monday. Security sources in Egypt confirmed the move, saying it would be closed until further notice, without offering details or reasons. Egypt had ordered the Rafah crossing to open in May to allow Gazans wounded in Israeli attacks to be treated and to deliver aid. The Egyptian decision to close the border point comes after a weekend of violence between Israel and Palestinians in eastern Gaza. Rafah is a lifeline for Gazans who have been under a crippling Israeli siege since 2007. 

Iran new government 

Iranian lawmakers have started another session of debating the proposed cabinet lineup of President Ebrahim Raeisi. This is the third day of reviewing the qualifications of the proposed ministers in parliament. The legislators began the process on Saturday after the president defended his choices before the parliament. The sessions include speeches by supporters and opponents of each nominee. The process will continue until Wednesday when a vote of confidence is expected. The Iranian president will have up to three months to name a replacement in case any of the proposed ministers fails to win the vote. Raeisi has pledged to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and spur the economy as priorities in his government.

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