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Iran parliament starts vote of confidence process for Raeisi's proposed cabinet

Yusef Jalali
Press TV, Tehran

On Saturday, Iran’s parliament began its open session differently, hosting some of the ministers-to-be and the president himself to attend the vote of confidence session.

After week-long behind-closed-doors deliberations on the proposed list of ministers, the vote of confidence process kicked off.

Based on the parliament regulations, the president is given 2.5 hours time to introduce and defend his nominees, before five pros and five cons from lawmakers speak against or in favor of the list.

The process will then involve the introduction of the nominated ministers one by one and based on the Persian alphabetical order of the ministries.

For each minister, two pros and two cons will speak, each for 15 minutes, before the nominees take the podium to defend their qualifications for 30 minutes.

The proposed names for the education minister, the ICT minister, intelligence minister and minister of economy were reviewed on the first day of the vote of confidence sessions. Majlis says it will work two shifts everyday to wrap up the process swiftly.

Ebrahim Raeisi handed his proposed cabinet lineup to parliament 10 days ago, a week after he took the oath of office as Iran’s new president. Legislators then reviewed the credentials of the proposed ministers behind closed doors for a week.

The open-floor vote of confidence sessions are expected to run until Tuesday, when the final voting will be held for the 19 ministerial picks.

Lawmakers say in the voting process, they will bear in mind that the proposed lineup is the team that the president wants to work with. Given Raeisi’s close ties with parliament, it is expected that the majority of the nominees will manage to win the green light to sit on the ministerial chairs.

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