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Takfiri terrorists turned holy sites in Syria into rubble

Mohammad Ali
Press TV, Damascus

This video was filmed on Ashura day in Sayeda Sukayna shrine in Daraya in Damascus countryside, before the war on Syria started. Mourners used to peacefully mark the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohamad PBUH.

However, the site nowadays is in a totally different situation. Terrorists occupied and used the shrine as a stronghold during the clashes that happened there, gradually causing its destruction.

Those images are seen by Syrians as an interpretation of what the followers of oppressors and tyrants of our time want for Islam, which are terrorists operating as tools of our time’s main oppressor, the US.

In 2016, they left Daray to Idlib, leaving total destruction behind. But their departure reflected their ultimate defeat. It was resistance by the Syrian army and its allies that led to their victory.

Sayeda Sukayna is the granddaughter of Prophet Mohamad (PBUH) and the sister of Imam Hussein, who led a historic and peaceful uprising against the tyrant Yazid. He was martyred in 680 A.D. along with his companions while his family members were brutally taken as captives from one city to another.

Syria is a country that hosts a large number of holy Islamic sites. Takfiri terrorists’ Islamic disguise was eventually unveiled and the truth was revealed that they are just agents of the West.

If it was not for the resistance movement and fighters which follow the path of Imam Hussein, probably many other sites like Sayeda Zeynab shrine would have been destroyed.

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