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Israel land grab

Israel’s new prime minister has re-launched a controversial project for the construction of over 3,400 settler units in the Occupied West Bank. The so-called E-1 project involves the construction at an unbuilt area of the occupied land. It cuts land access between Palestinian-inhabited territories in the West Bank, rendering any future unified Palestinian state unviable. Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also tried to advance the project. But it was halted under pressure from the international community, the Palestinian Authority and rights groups. The project is also expected to draw objections from Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's left-wing coalition partners as well as the US. All Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land are illegal under international law.

Cuba protests

The Cuban President has called for peace, harmony and respect amid anti-government protests across the nation. Miguel Diaz-Canel once again blamed the United States for the anti-government protests over the economic downturn in his country. Havana says the economic crisis has been caused by a half-century of Washington’s sanctions and embargo. Meanwhile, Cuba restored Internet access and temporarily lifted restrictions on the amount of food and medicine that travelers could bring into the country. The moves were an apparent concession to demands by protesters who took to the street last weekend. One person has died and more than 100 have been arrested in the anti-government protests so far.

Germany flooding

At least nine people have been killed in western Germany after several houses collapsed following heavy rains and severe flooding. Police say around 50 people have also gone missing. They say at least half a dozen houses have been washed away by raging torrents and that two dozen more are at the risk of collapse. Two firefighters drowned on Wednesday trying to help those stranded in the floods. That's according to the police. Severe flooding has disrupted rail, road and river transport leaving many areas cut off in the region. Shipping has also been suspended on the Rhine River. The army has been deployed to help with rescue operations. Evacuation orders have been issued for parts of the region. The German Weather Service has forecast more heavy rains for the next two days.

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