Crumbling Superpower

And this week we’re talking about birdwatching or to be precise, a fallen eagle. And yes, I mean the American Eagle.

For decades, this proud bird has soared above the world, gazing down at nations, casting its shadow on the ground below. However, that’s not necessarily how those looking up at it see the American Eagle. They see a 250 year old bird, blundering around in the air, looking for preywith its poor political eyesight, blunt claws and ruffled feathers, sinking ever lower for food only to discover that even after two decades of occupation there’s still no MacDonaldsin Kabul.

That’s true! Not long ago, Nancy Pelosi, that’s the Speaker of the House of Representatives in Washington, sounded the alarm, stating: "American infrastructure should be second to none. Yet our roads, bridges & water systems are crumbling; our electric grid is vulnerable to outages; too many lack access to affordable, high-speed Internet." Is that her whole list of problems?

No. Nancy used Twitter, so she could only use up to 280 letters. Still she should be grateful that’s 280 characters than Twitter is giving Donald Trump, the old bird who’s been banned from Twitter forever! To be honest, up to now, I thought that the only thing crumbling in the US was their President, Joe Biden.

But it seems that things are falling apart over the whole country. It’s almost as if the United States itself is taking its lead from Sleepy Joe, and the failing infrastructure is just doing what the President does just about every time he holds a press conference crashing and burning.

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